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The Way They Feel About You Depends on You

It’s a very odd concept, but it appears to be the way life works. The way that a specific person feels about you depends on you and not on them. For instance, if you feel that they are unsure about being in a relationship with you, they will be. Reality will reflect this back to you in one way or another. You will be given evidence to back up your version of events. That is exactly what it is, a version of events created by you.

If you feel them pulling away, they will pull further and further away. If you feel they are madly in love with you, they will show to you that way. In a nutshell, reality is delivering you a 3D that is aligned with how you feel, your energy on the subject.

Can you Change Someone’s Behaviour or Change Their Mind About Something With the Law of Assumption?

Absolutely. Here is the rub though. You have to do it from a place of not caring all that much. Hmmm…tricky right? The key here is to do it from a place of acceptance. What do I mean? basically, you accept that they feel this way right now or they are behaving this way, so what? Let them get on with it. You have to manifest from a place of peace not of lack or frustration. This is a simple equation. See it as a math formula. Energy=Reality. Put some energy into a new reality and none into the one in front of you and that’s exactly what you’ll get. Reality can ONLY do one thing. It can only reflect your state back at you. Can a mirror suddenly show you another image? Can you look into it and see your Mum reflected back at you. NO! Put your Mum in front of the mirror and there she is! What’s in front of the mirror is what shows to you. Simples!

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Make Someone Fall In Love With You – It’s So Easy!

Um…no. You’ll see this all over Youtube. In theory it is true, it is easy. Everything is, but we as humans make it not so. Why? Because our ego gets involved. The mind can’t help but interfere. Actually, it’s trying to protect you at all costs. It doesn’t understand the subconscious part of the process.

The reason I tell you NOT to go down the rabbit hole that is Specific Person Manifestation videos, is that you may become obsessed. You’ll know that you can manifest a new version of someone and you will try absolutely every technique out there to see that new version. What no-one will tell you is this: The harder you try the more impossible it becomes. This is energy remember.

I myself have changed a person in amazing ways. One guy ended things with me citing incompatibility, nothing in common, no interest and so on..It was quite upsetting to hear. I simply wished him to feel as I did and the very next night he did. Even more so. He fell in love with me in three days. Yes, it was awesome. Yes I am powerful. Could I have done it if I had tried hard? No. I am sure we would have gone our separate ways and I would have been left with a space in my heart where he might have been for some time.

Top Tip For Manifesting a Change in Someone Else

Practise not caring as much. Bring it back to you and your inner state. Intend for it sure, write it down if you want to but don’t look for the change. The more you look for it, the better it will get at hiding. Look away and it will happen as if by magic. It will be so natural that you won’t even be sure if it was you that created it. Don’t ruminate on how they are now. Don’t grow that version of them energetically. Let is dissolve to nothing by ignoring it.

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