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Can You Manifest Someone to Fall in Love With You?

Law of Attraction and Specific Person Manifesting Explained

The short answer is yes. I have done it. Unknowingly, but I did it all the same. This was a person who had told me that he didn’t want to be with me, he didn’t feel a connection and we were too different.

A few days later he was telling me he was in love with me. It didn’t make any rational sense but this stuff does not make rational sense as we define rational. Of course, as far as the universe is concerned, it was completely rational because that is how this stuff works, how life works.

How I Manifested Someone to Fall in Love With Me

I simply wished that he felt the same way I did. I was miserable too, this is not about being A1 happy, chirpy and positive in order to manifest. I wished it, and I felt super-strong about him. The very next day he came to me and told me he’d made a mistake. He apologised and said he didn’t understand why he’d said those things because he didn’t feel them anymore. He was as confused as I was! Fast forward a few days and he said he was falling in love with me. We had a short relationship after this and I liked him until the end of it but I wasn’t so crazy about him and as he lived a couple of hundred miles away from me. I eventually ended it as it wasn’t practical. he would have continued. He wrote to me a couple of times after that and tried to arrange to meet up again but at that point I had moved on.

Someone I was crazy about finished with me and was leaving no room for negotiation. He fell in love with me and I was the one that ended it. A very fast turn-around and all down to a simple wish with feeling and no resistance.

How to manifest a specific person

Is it Wrong to Manifest a Person?

I have imagined being with someone I didn’t know and then ended up in a relationship with him through a string of unlikely events. I got back with my ex after imagining him regretting the break-up. You see, we are manifesting people all of the time whether we realise it or not. It isn’t wrong just because you know about manifesting.

Take it back to our design. For some reason, this is how we work. This is how reality unfolds for us. So why not nudge it in the direction we choose? It’s enlightened, it’s learning how to use this immense power we have to our advantage.

When NOT to Manifest Someone

When you have only just broken up with someone or when you have become obsessed with the manifesting of them.

When you ‘try’ to manifest an ex back for example, and you have only recently spilt up, the chance that you will be coming from a place of lack is high. We cannot manifest anything sustainable from that place. Give yourself time to heal. Behave as you would if you knew nothing of the law of attraction and manifesting and work on yourself for a while. When you feel better, you can look at manifesting.

Obsessively manifesting will only lead to disappointment. This is not a ‘trying’ process. It’s not how this works. It’s supposed to be effortless. We are supposed to go with flow and not against it. If it feels like hard work then it won’t work. You’ll hold the current reality in place because what you are actually doing is shouting really loudly at the universe that you DON’T HAVE THEM, so you don’t have them.

Three Steps to Manifest a Specific Person

Intention: Get clear with yourself. What is so great about them? How would they enhance your life? Set a gentle intention ‘I want the opportunity to date them and to see how it goes’

Feeling: What if you were dating them right now? How would it feel? Find that feeling within. We can muster up any energy we want. It’s all there, inside of us. Sit with this feeling for a minute or so.

Let it Go: After 14 days of finding the feeling within, let it go. Leave reality alone to bend for you. It’s no longer your job. Your part is done. By far the most important part of the process is this. Allowing your desire to manifest into the 3d.

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