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Law of Attraction meditations

These meditation tracks are aimed at impressing another idea into your subconscious. You will be able to clearly hear the speech file which will be set louder than the background sound. Each sound is chosen carefully to work with the particular audio. To get the most from your meditation it is advisable to listen for at least ten minutes once a day. 

Some tracks are ‘I am’ and some ‘You are’ – Both are effective but some people find a ‘You are’ instruction very helpful as it tends to alleviate resistance.

It is the theory that repetition of a phrase makes an impression on the subconscious, allowing us to feel a shift in perception over time. 

Note: I am not a medical professional.

I Am Magnetic


Become Magnetic and Manifest Faster

Become magnetic to your desires, whatever those desires happen to be. When you feel magnetic, you will find that you are drawing things and people to you like never before. You will lost the worry about what others think of you. There will be this inner knowing that things will come to you. Use this affirmation track at least once a day and preferably before sleep as that is when you are more suggestible.

Financial Freedom


Manifest Money and Financial Freedom

This meditation track is aimed at changing your overall feeling state around money and finances, thus allowing financial freedom to come your way. Manifesting money is exactly the same as manifesting a free cup of coffee, it is only us that puts a greater value on it. Think of everything as energy. You are simply aiming to feel different about money so that it can come to you. When we feel the lack of something, we inevitably see the lack of it in our lives. When we feel different, we start to experience different.

Weight Loss


Helping You Towards Healthy Weight Loss

Lose weight in a healthy and effortless manner. This meditation is aimed at helping you lose weight and maintain that loss. Listen at least once a day. If you are able to listen just before sleep, you will be entering theta state. Why is this beneficial? Because we are more suggestible in this state. Think of this track as a form of self-hypnosis. The connection here, is with your subconscious so don’t worry too much if you have trouble clearing your mind. It is great if you can do that whilst you listen, but it will still be effective in any case.
manifesting and quantum physics

Body Confidence


Body Confidence and Acceptance

Learn to love your body and see it as beautiful. Appreciate yourself and your body and feel confident in yourself again! This audio track is aimed at changing your feelings around your own body so that you are able to accept yourself, no matter your shape or size. When we obsess about anything we perceive as negative, we only notice those things. We cannot see different whilst feeling the same. When you start to feel different about your body, you will be able to see the beauty in it.
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Master Manifestor


Become a Master Manifestor.

Allow your manifestations to flow to you with this affirmation meditation. Each affirmation in this audio has been carefully chosen to make an impression on your subconscious. Listen as a form of relaxation and try not to over-think the words as you hear them. The more relaxed you are the better. If you are able to listen just before sleep for the first few weeks it should speed up the process. Why? Because you will be entering theta state. This is when our subconscious mind is more suggestible.