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You ARE Manifesting Right Now

We are always manifesting. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are doing it! The problem with human beings, is that we have a tendency to over-think, analyse and look for the rational in the irrational. We latch onto what hasn’t happened over giving focus to what has happened and what inner shifts we can clearly identify.

Help, I’m Not Manifesting What I Want!

What we manifest is what we feel, what we are on an energetic level. This is the trap lots of people fall into. They mistakenly think that this works on your desires and that’s that. If this were true, then wouldn’t you be manifesting all that you wanted left, right and centre? We don’t, and that’s due to one simple fact, we don’t manifest our desires when we feel the opposite of them or the lack of them.

Where you are energetically is what you see on the outside. Inside first, outside second. It’s easy to think that it’s the other way around. That’s how we have been taught to see life, but that is not how it actually is.

Everything is a Success

You are probably further forward than you were a year ago. If you have decided to make this a way of life, then for sure, you will know more now than you did.

Success is already here. You have successfully manifested everything you felt. The trick is to make the inner shift that gives momentum to those things that you would like to experience. Often, when people come to me, they don’t have any idea that their feeling state is what is holding them in the current reality they are experiencing. It’s often possible for me to see a huge change in someone by the end of a coaching session merely because they had an epiphany in the moment they heard me state that feelings manifest.

Give momentum to those little things. The little steps you have taken to stop the runaway train from going in the opposite direction of what you want. If you’ve just slowed it down, it’s a step in the right direction. You are learning, you are growing and evolving into a new version of yourself, the one that believes without a shadow of a doubt that anything is possible.

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