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What is it about a book’s content that means its category is classed as The Law of Attraction?

I debated over and over whether or not to enter Finding Remarkable into this book category. I mean, I don’t really think in terms of attracting things into my life. I’m more of an imagine it and see it sort of person.

I’d always imagined crazy scenarios only to find them show up in my life. Mostly I’d put them down to weird or massive coincidence. Mostly…..there were times when I considered something else, magic maybe. But that doesn’t exist, because that would be crazy…wouldn’t it?

You know when you know something, I mean really know it deep in your soul? Well I did, only I ignored that niggling feeling that something was going on that we would never figure out. I was a weird child. Weird because I was fighting against the deep routed belief that something was up here. I felt there was something missing only I had no idea what it was, so I concluded that I was just a bit odd.

I’d read about the Secret, so I bought it. I believed it sort of….

Manifest With Quantum Physics

A few years ago, I started to read a lot about quantum physics and how there could well be infinite realities and maybe a fourth dimension. I read about scientific experiments to test this theory and I was hooked. Then I came across Neville Goddard’s old recordings and everything fell into place. I was right all along. I really had been making things up in my head until they appeared in real life.

So, what about The Law of Attraction, where does that fit into everything?

It’s the same, same but different. Different because of the like attracting like element. It just doesn’t work in my reality. I’ve created good things when I’ve been feeling a bit crap and I’ve created bad things when I’ve been feeling good. I just wasn’t aware of guarding my feelings back then.

The thing is that everyone out there who believes the same as me calls this stuff The Law of Attraction so I’ve sort of relented and use the expression a lot myself now, particularly on my new Youtube channel.

It really doesn’t matter what label we use. It’s what works for us and how we manage to create the life we want in the quickest possible time. So Finding Remarkable will be listed under law of attraction books and that’s okay with me 🙂

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My latest law of attraction bookGet Back With Your Ex – Get your ex back and back for good, in the best possible way. Specific person manifestation is a hot topic when it comes to manifesting a new life. It is possible to manifest anyone into your life and that includes and ex. The only difficulty comes when we get attached to the outcome. People are the toughest to detach from, but when you get it, wow!

law of attraction books

The Best Law of Attraction Books 2020

These aren’t new books, but are so relevant for 2020. Neville Goddard continues to inspire reads to this day. His theory on imagination and the power of assumption is what convinced me that this magic was real. Richard Dotts is a very readable law of attraction author and comes at this from a very scientific point of view.

Dissolve The Problem: by Shifting Physical Reality by Richard Dotts

Feeling is the Secret by Neville Goddard

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