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Two Traits of Highly Magnetic People

Magnetic people are not born that way. We are all born the same. We have not yet been programmed. The way we grow depends on our environment and our upbringing.

You will notice that some people are more magnetic than others. They exude magnetism and they don’t have to work at it. Becoming magnetic is not done by thinking ‘I want to be magnetic’ – It’s a self-concept process that starts with wanting to feel easier in your own skin, to let go of the need for validation and to feel free to speak what you feel rather than what you think will keep the peace or please the other person.

What Is It That Makes People Magnetic?

There are just two things that magnetic people are, whether they made themselves that way or they grew up that way.

  1. They have no need for validation. If they lose someone, they pick themselves up and get on with life. They do not go into chase mode as they feel no need to prove themselves.
  2. They are naturally detached to a point of being a little aloof. This doesn’t mean that they don’t care or that they are selfish, merely that they have a certain level of respect for themselves and given that they don’t need validation, they don’t need to cling to anyone or anything. They tend to know that better is to come.

A case in point was my Dad. My Mum told me a story a few years ago about how she had ended things back in the day. They’d been together a year or so and she felt that he needed a push. She wanted him to show up in a particular way I guess. But far from begging and saying he’d change, he simply said ‘Okay, if that’s what you want’ and walked away. A few weeks later she had to tell him she’d changed her mind and be the one to ask for another chance! Again, he accepted this and they were together for almost 50 years.

His acceptance of the situation and his lack of ‘chase’ made him even more attractive, and Mum was just left feeling regretful. After that, she decided to accept him as he was.

Look at Self Over Becoming Magnetic to Other People

There is nothing more compelling than an accepting person. We may want to see them show up in a particular way, but the thing is, the reason we are so attached to them is because they aren’t showing up that way!

When we bring it back to self, nothing else has any real significance. If we ‘try’ to change people, we will be holding ourselves in a state of resistance. We cannot change people in the long-term if we are not changed. Our energy governs what we see from others. If yours says Not quite enough, inadequate for one reason or another, unattractive, unloveable…others will always reflect that back to you.

When all of that stuff is cleared up, you are different on an energetic level. This is when people are more drawn to you. You have become magnetic simply by becoming the best version of you.

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