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The Secret to The Law of Attraction

The Secret that’s not really a secret, just little understood

You see so many video’s out there online: The Real Secret to The Law of Attraction – What you Need to Know..bla..bla…bla…

It’s just click bait. The one thing that most people trying to manifest don’t get is that you simply have to let go of it in order to get it. No great secret method. There is nothing that you should be doing that you haven’t been doing, or anything that you’ve done wrong. If you haven’t seen your desire show up in your reality yet it’s probably because you are holding onto it too tightly. In fact, holding on is the best way to block it from coming to you.

I don’t know why this is the case but seems to be the main sticking point when it comes to manifestation. It’s called attachment to the outcome and you don’t want to have it!

Easy Way to Manifest Your Desire

If you can feel it as if it’s already happened a few times and believe it might happen, let it go, get on with life as it is, then it will show up at some point. That’s the key to creating. Time is something that can’t be explained. Why do some things happen super-quick and other’s take longer? It’s impossible to say, but if you are in a state of detachment it shouldn’t be too long before you see your desire come to life.

Of course, if you have to take some action and create something physical, it’s going to be longer before the outcome shows for you. But let’s say that you want a house in a particular area and they just never come up for sale there. You have no attachment to the outcome as you think ‘Oh it’ll probably never happen’ and you get in with your life. A few weeks later, that house in just the right place, comes up for sale and fits with your budget. No work required, just a wish, a feeling and a state of detachment from the outcome.

Be Specific

Be sure to be specific. Don’t say ‘I wish for a house to come up for sale’ but ‘I wish to own a house in that area’ Saying ‘I wish for one to come up for sale’ will mean that it does, but maybe it’s out of your price range, or someone pips you to the post. You didn’t state that you wanted to live there. This is where specifics are important. Not the how it will happen, but the intention that it DOES happen. Stressing over how something will happen, only leads to that damned attachment.

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