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manifesting and quantum physics

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The Law of Attraction, Manifesting and Quantum Physics

Is there a scientific explanation for manifesting? Can it be explained by the laws of the strange science that is quantum physics?

I believe that this whole thing we call reality is part of a bigger picture. In quantum there is a phenomenon called entanglement that is the theory that everything is connected. An atom in this country for example, can affect an atom in Australia. Taking it another way, a person in the UK can affect a person in Australia with no actual contact.

Purely by directing your energy towards a person you are able to influence their decision making at that very time. Consider the times you have thought about a person and a few hours later or even minutes later they have called you. Now, you can call this coincidence or you can call it a manifestation due to your inadvertent directed energy. You may have had zero intention of speaking to them or indeed any desire to, but you thought of them so you conjured up the energy of them. There was no resistance or contrary thought. It was a pure energy and pure energies manifest fast. Reality had to show them to you in some form or other because that is how this works. You feel it, therefore you select it as part of your 3d reality.

Consciousness and Manifestation

Physicists are going that bit further these days: A wild theory suggests that consciousness may explain quantum mechanics, by forcing the subatomic particles to choose a concrete outcome. One of the strangest aspects of quantum mechanics is that tiny subatomic particles don’t appear to choose a state until an outside observer measures it. So basically whilst it isn’t being measured, there are lots of possibilities. It’s not until we get our observant head on that it behaves in one way.

Let’s bring it back to manifestation. When you want something really badly and it isn’t showing up for you: What are you doing to keep reality as it is, without your desire in it? You are observing the current 3d. You have measured it and you have decided ‘it isn’t here’ so it isn’t here. You are holding it in this state. But if you were to look away and stop giving the situation your undivided attention, you would give all of the atoms a chance to behave differently in order to show you your desired version of events. If people need to say or do things or make certain decisions in order to show you this version of your reality they will do this. Your desired reality shows often in the very moment you let go of it or soon afterwards.

If you find yourself long enough in this new state of emotional freedom, your frequency on the matter has changed, therefore your version of reality has to change with it. It has no choice. it doesn’t make decisions all by itself. Whether we realise it or not, we are altering our own reality every moment of every day.

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