law of assumption

The Law of Assumption

Assuming Something is True Will Create it

Yep, it seems that the law of assumption is key to creating your life as you’d like it to unfold for you. What we assume solidifies into fact. The thing is that we don’t always know what we assume. We’ve subconsciously assumed stuff for so long, that it isn’t all that apparent to us.

The best way to look at your assumptions is to first choose something that you would like to manifest. I hesitate to use the word manifest though. I have spoken to people who struggle to get their heads around the word. It suggests miracle, magic, something out of this world. But calling it ‘creating your reality as you go’ seems a little less woowoo doesn’t it? So let’s call it creation. Look at your life right at this moment. Can you see how your feelings might have created what you are seeing?

How to Assume Something Different

It’s all very well for me to say ‘Oh well, just assume the opposite’ if you aren’t seeing what you are trying to create in the 3D as yet. We see what we expect, until we look away that is. If we disregard that thing that we want, maybe we throw our hands up in the air in despair or we work at letting it go, then it comes out of the blue regardless of our deep-routed undesired assumption about it. If you have had the feeling of it and really felt it then you shall have it at some point. But that might be weeks, months or even years. This is where those deep-routed assumptions come into play. Over time, we might completely let go of something to the point of finding something else that makes us happy. It’s then that initial desire comes to us. That’s why I say it can be years in the making, as it might be that long before you finally release it.

Why Wait Until You Don’t Care Anymore?

There is little value in getting that desire when we really aren’t bothered anymore or have moved on. Maybe we wanted an ex back in our lives, only to get stuck wanting for so long and then meeting someone much more suited to us. When our ex comes back finally, we don’t need or want them anymore.

You don’t have to wait years but you do have to apply a massive amount of self-discipline. You have to put yourself first and know that you are worth all of the things that you want in life. You must know that nobody and nothing is out of reach. This is your reality and it moves with your feelings.

Start by deciding what it is that you really want. Get it clear in your mind. Now decide that it’s possible to wipe out those old assumptions. Bring them to the forefront of your mind and state ‘Not true’ You don’t even have to replace them with anything else but you can. For example, if you think that your ex Dave doesn’t care anymore and has clearly moved on as he is with that Lisa that looks a bit like Cameron Diaz – How can you then create a new relationship with him? You have set an assumption in motion and made him out of reach. Your subconscious believes everything that it is told, and a subconscious belief that goes against the very thing that you want to create means that you’ll keep seeing signs that he doesn’t care and he has moved on. You’ll look at his social media and see lots of loved-up pics of him and his Cameron Diaz-ish GF and feel frustrated that you are seeing the opposite of your intention. But your intention isn’t it. Your feelings are.

Have a Word With Your Subconscious

Speak to it. Tell it that your assumption is a lie, false, not true, whatever word works for you. Tell it that you are in control here and you get to decide if he has moved on or not. ‘He is with her right now, but he’s constantly thinking of me.’ or something similar. Now believe in the possibility of that statement being true. Don’t over-affirm and don’t try to make your rational brain believe it. Eventually it will, but to start, you are merely talking to your subconscious mind. That’s the one that makes stuff happen.

Don’t expect to feel different over night. Expect to feel lighter when you realise that you do have the power after-all and then when you think of him, feel that he is thinking of you, that it is you he really loves….Your subconscious only sees now. Those feelings are real to it. It cannot differentiate between real and evoked feelings. How cool is that?

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