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The Best Law of Attraction Books

My favourite books on the subject of LOA

When I started out on this road, I found it very difficult to find THE book, you know, the one that just clicks and you get this once and for all. Nope, I don’t think that law of attraction book exists for anyone. Why? because this stuff is simple and complex all at the same time, and we understand it as we go. I can write a book and tell you about ‘the feeling’ and how the law of vibration is what it’s all about and even how to evoke that feeling. You’ll have a good understanding, you’ll get excited about the prospect of manifesting your life into existence.

You’ll most probably move on to the next book before you start to practise what I have taught you. You’ll be wanting as much information as you can possibly cram into your rational brain. Even when you have read every book that sort of resonates with you, you’ll look for another one.

Find a Couple of Law of Attraction Authors You Enjoy

This really is the best advice I can give you. I did all of the above. I couldn’t get enough and to be completely honest with you, I often didn’t even know whose book I was reading. I’d read the words, skip the bits that I didn’t like and think ‘Sure I’ll have a go at these techniques’ and then I wouldn’t. I’d be too busy looking for the next book.

For one whole year I went on like this. I manifested a couple of things but not quite as I wanted and then nothing pretty much…I gave up.

For almost two months I ditched it all. I decided that whatever this was, it didn’t work for me. I was different. Uniquely unable to manifest stuff now I knew about the law of attraction.


I think it was the word attraction that I didn’t like. What if it isn’t attracted to me? So I worked hard to make it so. But working hard is the opposite of what is required. Less in more.

I couldn’t give up…I knew something weird was going on. I’d made a ton of stuff happen before I really knew what I was doing. So was I trying too hard now I knew what I was capable of? Oh yeah!

My Preferred Authors

I re-evaluated and did a proper Amazon search. I found Neville Goddard, I found Richard Dotts and then Genevieve Davis.

I realised that I didn’t need anyone else at that point. Neville was all about imagination and I was always lost in my head – tick. Richard was all about the feeling and I felt things big time – tick, and Genevieve was all about the magic – Who doesn’t hope for magic in the world? – Big, huge, enormous tick. Not the blood sucking kind. Sort of brought that to mind when I wrote the words!

Your Books Will Be Out There

Spend time finding the authors that really resonate with you. Read all of their books. Most of all though: Start living your life again. Stop trying to make things happen. Just understanding that feelings create is enough. Remind yourself of that every day and watch your feelings, especially when you are feeling the lack of something.

We don’t attract, we create. If we keep feeling the lack of something, we are creating the lack of it in our lives. If we feel that it’s possible to create that thing that we desire and imagine having it, then at some point it will appear in our reality or we will be given an opportunity that leads to it.

That’s it. All there is to it. We make it complicated. It doesn’t have to be, but as human beings, we want to rationalise everything. When we do that, we start to vibrate at the opposite frequency of the one that we should be vibrating at.

I know that vibration is it. So I wrote a book about it. Pimp Your Vibe is out now!

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