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Shifting into Your Desired State to Manifest Fast

What on earth do I mean? How do you shift from where you are? Consider how you are feeling. Break it down like this:

  • How do I feel overall (on a day to day basis)
  • How do I feel about myself
  • How do I feel about the possibilities in my life

Breaking it down in this way allows you to really analyse what is going on inside of you. If you have been trying to manifest one particular thing, or more that one thing, and it seems like it’s one step forward and two steps back, that’s down to your inner feeling state.

Let’s look at the first question: Your overall feeling state. When you wake up in the morning how do you feel? Can you find the feeling inside of you? Can you describe it?

How you feel about yourself is so important. Imagine someone who feels inadequate, unloveable, not worthy. What is that person going to experience? More evidence that this is indeed the case.

Now, what if the same person lost all memory of before? Woke up one morning with no knowledge of anything that happened to them before that day. Their subconscious programs had been wiped. No map of previous experience to go by. Someone comes along and tells them that they can choose to be or do whatever they want. They can decide that they are awesome, loveable and worthy of all of the things they are going to want in life. They would choose to feel that version because, well, why the hell not!? So, inevitably they would begin to see evidence that this was true. They are treated with respect, they are loved by people and they find that good things fall into their lap without any effort on their part. What did they do? They felt the possibilities of life and they felt that they were there for the taking. They didn’t have any solid evidence at the start but they felt it anyway. Again, why the hell not? Even if you are scared that these feelings mean that you are deluded, I’d say, So What?

Feeling as If You Already Have What You Desire

It’s a given. If you feel it as if it is real then it will be at some point. That said, most of us can’t do that with any conviction because we have the 3D to deal with. We are trying to feel we have something when at the moment, life is giving us lemons instead. So, we feel frustrated, we feel annoyed at the Universe for picking on us, we feel aggrieved that we have been singled out not to get what we want when everyone else seems to be manifesting left, right and centre. Bloody law of attraction we moan to ourselves.

The trick is to accept the lemons. Okay, so we don’t want them delivered every week, but we accept that we can slice them up and have them in a gin and tonic or a cup of warm water, we can squeeze them over a piece of fish or watch our young niece do her best to eat one. Lemons can be temporary! Sure, they are a bit sour and we can think of things we’d rather put in our mouths but they won’t kill us.

Finding the Feeling

How would you feel if you could manifest all of those things that you would like to experience in this life? Sit down in peace and find that feeling inside of you. It is there, I promise you. A thought has a feeling and a feeling has a frequency. What if you practised that feeling each day? Can you allocate a few minutes every day to filling yourself up with this feeling. This is the thing, we do not have to walk around with it say in, day out. The more we practise the feeling however, the more natural it will become. Eventually it will be way more dominant than the feeling of lack. Now you can do this with any one specific thing or person, but I strongly suggest that you work with an overall feeling. You are looking for the version of you that knows anything is possible. The one that feels good enough. That version exists inside of you. When our self-esteem is high, everything becomes possible and when it’s possible, it’s probable. All you have to do to experience it is to choose it.

You Can’t Manifest What You Want When You Feel the Opposite Vibration

If you aren’t manifesting what you want, it’s down to your feelings. If you have a strong internal program that tells you that you aren’t enough (this is merely an example) tell your subconscious to stop running the program and then suggest an alternative to it. Often, these programs are left to run on and on and unless we notice them and then offer another version of events up to our higher self (subconscious mind) they will continue to do their stuff. You don’t have to force yourself to believe anything. You are talking to your subconscious mind and not your rational one. I have found that I have been able to knock out a program simply by noticing it.

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