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How to Get out of the Scarcity Mind-Set

Change Your Mind-set Permanently

It’s easy for us to believe that there are a limited amount of things, opportunities and people to go around. This is what gets us stuck in a scarcity mind-set. We have been taught that only a few succeed in life, only a few meet ‘the one’ and only a few of us lucky one’s get those golden opportunities. Most of us will be set at a certain level because that is the way life is. Only it isn’t.

Imagine that whatever you believe on a deep subconscious level (either from external programming over time, or from a situation or event in your life) had significant power to create a little program that would run and run, all the way until you stopped it in its tracks. Would that scare you or would it excite you? You have the power to change your mind-set and in turn, your whole damned life!

What is Scarcity?

Not much of, very little of it around, not much chance, unlikely…..bla, bla bla.

Nothing in this life has a meaning until we attach one to it. If you see your parents with very little money, you might think ‘It’s because they didn’t go to university’ or ‘They work hard but they aren’t ever going to have the high paying jobs’ You attach a meaning to what you see, whatever that meaning might be. You observe a situation and you give it meaning. Then you may think ‘I didn’t go to University so my opportunities are limited or ‘My level in life is this’ – We have a habit of pigeon holing ourselves. We are this, therefore.

If you create a ceiling of opportunity with your feelings, there will be one. If you create a window of opportunity there will be one.

My parents worked hard. My Mum had a part time job at the Gas Board two nights a week and my Dad was an engineer. They had enough money to keep the house and us going, but they never had excess cash. My Dad was made redundant and was out of work for a while and in that time I had a second hand school uniform which was horrifying at the time as it really was not a good fit! So, I was used to having to watch what I spent and maybe hang onto every penny incase the next one didn’t show up.

Fortunately for me, I never did feel this way. I have always had this mind-set that money is easy to come by. Great you say, lucky you! Well, yes and no. Yes, in that I have never worried about money and it has always been there when I have needed it, not so in that I did have a ceiling of opportunity. Looking back, I can see that I considered I would be okay but probably not that much more than okay when it came to work, money and career prospects. I had an internal program running that said this was the way it was.

Good But No Cigar

When I started writing books I had a hope that they would do well, that I would sell loads of them, but deep down I know I thought I’d probably sell some but not so many. I’d never say that out loud, but I could feel it in there. It wouldn’t have mattered what marketing I had done either. When we have these deep belief systems in place, they will always manifest.

Good but not great is the phrase that suits how I felt back then I suppose. Not that long ago either. Even with starting out on this law of attraction journey and all the ‘circumstances don’t matter’ stuff. I knew it. Intellectually I knew that I could be great, of course I could, but internally that feeling was still there. Very subtle, but there, nonetheless.

money mind-set

I changed it. Over time, I became determined to match my inner-self with the one that I saw in the mirror. She knew it was possible to do incredibly well, she just needed to convince the one that makes the magic happen. She didn’t take all that much persuading as it turned out. A determination to be all that I could be and to take each day as it came was all it took. A decision that I would enjoy the ride and stop looking at the goal. If I carried on doing more of the same then I would continue to grow my income month on month. There was logic at play too. I asked myself this question: Is there something else I should be doing? and I answered, just more of the same while it still feels good. Well, that was easy! I stopped thinking in terms of over-night success and just thought success. I decided that it was better in any case, to take a longer road. I’d learn so much along the way and I’d get used to the idea of something new. It’s in my nature to like the idea of change and then to panic a little when it happens! So, this was in fact the right route to success for me.

This is something I believe happens for a reason. If you love change and prefer a short sharp bend in the road then it might happen very quick for you. We tend to get the route that suits us.

How to Start Changing a Scarcity Mind-Set

You start by recognising it, being really honest with yourself about its existence. This is actually so powerful. Just bringing it into focus and feeling it for a few minutes can often be enough to kick it to the curb. Mostly though, doing this a couple of times a day for a week or so will see it fade. You will start to feel different. It may even seem an absurd notion. You may feel your state change completely or a little, but it will change.

Look back at where this feeling has come from and go there in your mind. Again, feel it. Something may come up. You may be hit with a revelation on the subject or you may remember something that helps shift you. Mostly, it’s simply a case of seeing that belief for what it is. This is enough.

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