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quantum jumping

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Quantum Jumping

Jump into your dream reality. Manifesting is simply this…

What? Seriously? Yes really!

I see reality as one big quantum computer. My reality changes as my feelings change. So, if I am feeling stuck in a certain reality, it is because my feeling state is ‘I am stuck’ – By putting a label on your feelings you can clearly identify why your reality is as it is on any given subject.

Looking at manifesting this way works for me. I’m no expert on quantum physics but I understand the zeno effect in it’s simplest terms: “a system cannot change while you are watching it” – If you are observing your current state, as in, feeling it then this is where you will stay. We are in effect, quantum jumping already. The thing is, that we have jumped into this reality and are still there because we have not realised that our feelings are holding us in place.

Stop Observing Current Reality

How on earth do we ‘not’ observe what is in our face? Clearly we cannot physically look away from what is obvious to us right now. Looking away is not what you might interpret it to be. Imagine your feelings are your eyes. What we look directly at, we will see. If your feelings on any given subject are in line with what you want to experience then you will eventually see that reality in your physical world. If your feelings are in opposition to the reality you want to experience, then inevitably you are going to experience those feelings over your desired reality. This is where looking away comes in. You can do one of two things. You can attempt to drop that feeling you have that is not in line with the reality you wish to experience or you can replace it with a new feeling.

Feeling the Wish Fulfilled

What if you were living in that desired reality right now? How would it feel? Can you tap into that feeling for a minute or so? It might take a little practise but we have the ability to feel every experience. Sure, our analytical mind knows it’s an artificial feeling but ur subconscious does not. It cannot tell the difference between an actual experience and a ‘pretend’ feeling.

Let’s say that you noticed your feelings were out of whack with your desire. You understand that if you continue to feel this way you can only experience more of the same. So, you made the decision to practise the feeling of your desire. Maybe you did it a few times a day for a few weeks. What would happen?

First of all you would probably start to notice that the old feeling is not so prominent and perhaps when it is there it isn’t as strong or it is slightly different. This is because the practised feeling is becoming fairly natural now and the old feeling is no longer the dominant one.

How Long to Jump Realities?

Think of each moment in time as a new beginning. Each second comes with new possibilities. If you’ve never tried this feeling technique before and you love it right away, it resonates with you and you really get it, then you might shift very quickly. Just because you have been living this reality for months, even years, it doesn’t mean that things can’t change in an instant.

Once you have felt a desire for something, that reality is there for you to experience. Play around with this. Choose something that isn’t quite so important to you and see if you can feel it. Imagine this quantum computer like a search engine. You feel it, you get it delivered to you. Much like the Google search, you type in that thing that you are looking for and relevant information is delivered to you according to your search phrase.

A fun example:

My niece sent me a text yesterday. Could I teach her how to sew. I used to work in fashion and used a sewing machine on a daily basis. It has been in the loft for a few years and I haven’t been near it since I packed it away.

I started thinking about what we could make to practise and imagined perhaps a small make-up bag as she loves her make-up. She’s so like me it’s scary!

Anyway, later that evening I picked up my phone to look at Harry’s instagram story from Saturday night and in my feed was….a stack of sewing reels! Seriously, my feed consists of make-up tutorials and exercise videos. Never have I seen sewing videos as never have I used that search. But there they were anyway. My feeling was the search. If I had not been thinking about sewing I would not have seen those videos in my feed. There was no rational explanation for them being there. I was experiencing my inner world in my outer world.

Is Quantum Jumping Real? – To me yes. I prefer to see manifestation this way as I love science and I can make sense of it this way. It may be too sci-fi for you to get your head around but it may just be that change in consciousness that moves you forward 🙂

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