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Neville Goddard – Feeling is the Secret

Manifesting the Neville Way

If you are reading this post I am guessing you already know about Neville and his work. I expect you typed him into the Google search. Maybe you know a little about him and maybe you know a lot.

I have always known that something strange was going on with reality. When I was a child I’d think about something only to find it happening a few days later. it might have been something mundane or it might have been something big. I assumed it was just me, that I was in some way magical but I didn’t know in what way or how on earth I was doing it. All I knew was there was a little gap inside of me where God knows what should have been. I didn’t know what was missing, only that it was. I spent years assuming it was my purpose, the thing I should have been doing that was eluding me.

In 2016 I discovered Neville Goddard and the gap was filled in an instant. I listened to his old recordings and read his work over and over. I WAS making things happen. I was imagining things with feeling and like magic, they were showing up in my reality. I knew it in my soul. Neville changed my life.

Do Thoughts Become Things?

This is the question I am asked a lot and here is my answer: It’s all in the feeling. Thoughts themselves really don’t hold much power. Think of all of the thoughts you have in a week for example; how many have created something in your reality? It’s a tricky one to explain as we use affirmations and they do create, so in effect, words have an impact. The difference is this; affirmations have intention behind them. They are statements made with clarity of intent, therefore they have the power to create.

Feelings can be described as vibration, energy or frequency. A feeling is all powerful. If you feel optimistic on a regular basis, you will be given more and more to feel optimistic about. If you feel fearful, you will be given more to feel fearful about. If you feel successful, you will be shown a path to even greater success. If you feel unloveable, you will see a reality that seems to back-up that belief. Maybe you find it difficult to maintain relationships or you find that people over-look you in favour of someone else.

What’s the Difference Between a Belief and a Feeling?

A belief is something embedded in your subconscious. It’s a program running on autopilot. If left un-checked life shows to you according to this particular belief.

A feeling is an energetic response to something. A belief does have an associated feeling however. Take some time to analyse what your core beliefs are. Start by using your self-concept as a basis for this. How do you feel about yourself? Find a belief, whether it’s negative or positive and see if you can tap into the feeling. If you feel you are high in self esteem for example, this is a high vibration. If you feel low in self esteem and unworthy of love, this is a low vibration. You will then attract situations in life that match this feeling. We get what we are a match to. This is key to understanding how feelings impact what you see in your reality. If you are feeling A for example, but you want B, you will get A, because you are a match to A.

Neville Knew this. He understood that feelings are the gateway to our very own reality and if we can master those, we can consciously manifest the life we want rather than have to put up with the life that we believe happens to us.

Observing Your Feelings

Become an observer of your feelings. If you want something to show up in your life and there is no sign if it, take a look inside. Don’t look for it on the outside because the outside is merely a reflection of the inside. We cannot control the outside, we only have power over the inside. If you want something that shows no signs if appearing in the 3d, ask yourself this question: How do I feel about it?

Perhaps you feel the lack of it, perhaps you feel the circumstances around it that are not in line with it showing up, maybe you are feeling stuck as you are. Apart from this, you may have a feeling of what is. This may sound odd, but often, we have a light energy of what we can see now. I call it the feeling of what is now. Let’s bring this back to quantum physics, if you continue to observe something it can only keep behaving the same way. Look away and it will do something altogether different. Call it letting go, call it allowing. Look away and allow reality to change for you.

When you go off track and things seems to be going in the opposite direction from the route you had planned, bring it back to this: Feeling is the secret. How do I feel?

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