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Neville Goddard and The Power of Imagination

How to Use Your Imagination to Change Your Life

Neville Goddard and his take on imagination – I say you can change your life but perhaps you are right where you want to be. You aren’t looking for major changes, just some tips on how to bring more things that you love into your life.

So first off, who was Neville Goddard? Well he’s described as a cosmic philosopher. I’m not a lover of that term because it makes him sound all hippy dippy and nonsensish. His ideas could not be further from those things though.

Neville was born in 1905 in Barbados. In 1922 he came to the United States on board the S.S. Vasari to study drama at the age of seventeen.

That’s about as much as I know about his early years to be honest. It’s not that I’m not interested, it’s just that his later years are what ended up defining him and that’s why you are here, not for a history lesson 😉

I first heard about Neville a few years ago. I was immediately drawn to his old recordings because I have always thought that something strange was going on with my imagination. By strange I mean, I have imagined conversations, events and meetings that have gone on to happen pretty much exactly as I had imagined.

Neville said that everything is imagination, that we control the events in our own lives by the thoughts and the feelings we have on a day to day basis. Wow I thought, I knew some crazy shit was happening here and now someone else has said it, someone clever, I can assume that I am not mental after all.

I listened to pretty much all of Neville’s old recordings and bought some of his books. Everything rang true. That’s it I concluded, I am going to have everything I’ve been dreaming about and the now I know that the only thing in my way is me!

Imagine the power you have when you realise that you are in control. Neville would say, we are all God but I can’t quite bring myself to call myself that just yet. I get it though. His theory was that we all have the power within us to create miracles….or just better for ourselves.

How I use My Imagination to Manifest Stuff

I say stuff because all of the big stuff is here for me. I have done it. I am an author, a writer, a coach and a digital media specialist, and I am now in a position to pick and choose which media jobs I take when I used to be scared to turn anything down just incase. Now Just incase doesn’t exist for me. When I want a particular type of client, I simply intend it. I don’t even have to imagine too much these days because my mind is wide open.

For me my writing has taken over. It is my main career whereas it used to be secondary.

Imagination has been, and still is key to getting the things that I want and sometimes variations of what I intend because I wasn’t specific enough. My mind wanders….quite a lot. It’s best to keep imaginings short and to the point of what you actually want. Repetition is good but not to the point of obsession. The subconscious mind is easily hypnotised into believing that an imagined event is actually happening. I feel slightly bad saying that because it will be listening and I feel as if I’m talking about it as if it were stupid. It’s not, it’s the most amazingly clever part of us. The part that brings imagined things to life as if they were always going to happen. You might be forgiven for thinking that from time to time. Sometimes a conversation I’ve daydreamed about will happen and I’ll tend to think it might have happened anyway. But it wouldn’t have.

Turn that conversation into something different, give it another tone, a slightly different direction. A different outcome will manifest and that I can promise you.

Imagining Conversations in Order to Manifest Things

The biggest thing I’ve tapped into is my imagination of conversations with people to bring the thing I’m telling them about into my life. I’ll imagine chatting to my friends about an achievement. I feel that it’s real and then I let it go. Once I’ve let go fully, that achievement will come to pass in no time at all. This is the simplest yet the most effective form of imagination used for manifestation.

Use Your Imagination Light-Heartedly

The best bit of advice that I can give you is use your amazing imagination wisely and light-heartedly. Don’t over-do it to the point of the whole process becoming a chore. You won’t manifest that way and this stuff is supposed to be fun. Feel it as if it were real and then let it go in the breeze knowing that it will be yours. Letting go, as always is the most important part.

My Favourite Neville Goddard Books

law of attraction books

Feeling is the Secret

The Power of Awareness

The Secret of Imagining

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