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Manifest Money Using the Law of Attraction

Can you Manifest Money With LOA?

Abso-bloody-lutely you can! First of all, to anyone that hasn’t been to my website or seen my Youtube channel: I don’t believe that I am attracting anything or anyone to me. I call it the law of attraction because that is what most people know it as and how they refer to this wonderful magic.

To me, it’s creation. I can create a situation, event or circumstance out of thin air. I know how that sounds, and years ago I would have questioned the notion and my sanity for even giving it contemplation time. But back then I only sort of believed in magic. When I heard people talk about manifesting money I wasn’t sceptical, it was more that I didn’t think that I would be able to do it. So I set about wishing for some random money. No expectation, no fear because I didn’t really believe I would get any. Two days later – a cheque for £253 dropped onto the mat. Evidently I had over-paid on some car-finance that I had taken out almost 5 years previously! No way did I. I would have known.

Did I Really Manifest Money out of Thin Air?

I truly believe that’s what happened. because I had no expectation, I had zero resistance, no attachment to the money. So I got it quick-smart. Of course my husband was quick to point out that they must have sent the cheque before I wished for it so it was clearly a coincidence. Back then I didn’t know what I now know so I let him convince me he was right and it was just a bizarre coincidence.

How Did I Create Money Using The Law of Attraction?

I wished for some and I really felt a bit of excitement at the thought that perhaps magic did indeed exist. That feeling was all the momentum I needed to shift into the reality where that cheque existed. That’s all. Of course alternate realities/multiple reality theories don’t work for everyone but they do for me. They allow me to accept all things are possible.

Should You be Specific About How You manifest Your Money?

I choose not to be specific. I always imagine making money rather than winning it and that’s simply because I would rather feel the achievement of making it. I wouldn’t turn a large win down of course! earning it is just my preferred method. So, with that in mind, money comes to me in various ways. I have come to accept that I am financially secure and have plenty of money. I’ve never been a person that wants, wants, wants. I like having enough money so that I can go abroad a few times a year, buy nice things and eat out. That’s it. I’m not very materialistic. So I believe that my reality reflects that core feeling back to me. You get money in your way.

My son Harry finds money everywhere. He found a couple of hundred euros rolled up on the beach in Zante last year and his friend pointed out to me, that was after he’d found twenty euros in a lane the night before and ten outside of the bar the night before that! Harry expects to find money. He’s nineteen so if he doesn’t have to work for it he’s thrilled!

Imagination Technique to Manifest Money

If you can do it for fun and with no expectation of a result, then imagine yourself somewhere familiar. Let’s say you are at your office desk or sitting at a table somewhere else familiar. You are counting out notes. Piles of twenty pound notes. You count them into piles of £1000 and then when you have, say five piles, you pop them into your bag (if you are visualising somewhere away from your home) and then you pick up the bag and leave with your money. I suggest visualising a bag that you actually own.

If you are at home, you might then put the money into a tin or a plastic container and put it under your bed or where-ever you might hide that much money.

There, you are done! Do this a few times over a week or so and then let it go to the breeze. Think nothing more of it.

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