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manifesting in a time crunch

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Manifesting in a Time Crunch

Deadline Manifestation

Is it really possible to manifest to a certain timescale? Absolutely it is! Hang on though, there is a catch….

Lets say that there is something that you want to happen at a certain point in time. Maybe you are waiting for some money to come to you before you can pay your credit card bill, or you desperately want to get out of that work meeting because you know that you’ll be blagging it, and you aren’t a natural blagger. When we really, really want something, we tend to have a bit of a desperate vibe going on, a need energy that has its own unique vibration. When we feel a desperate want for something and can’t see how we’ll get along if we don’t get it, guess what? We don’t get it.

How to Master Time-Crunch Manifesting

It’s simple and not simple all at the same time. Simple, because there is a tried and tested way, that has worked for me every, yes EVERY time, but not so simple, in that it takes some getting your head around.

I did this once. Completely by accident. I had already assumed that the thing I was trying to dodge would happen but I still wished that it wouldn’t. Actually what I intended was for it to be postponed for a while. I was on holiday at the time and the setting was conducive to acceptance of what was I suppose. In my head, I casually listed every reason I could find, that it would be okay if it DID happen when it was supposed to. I found a few positives. I wouldn’t say that they outweighed the negative, but they gave me an element of peace. They helped me to release that horrible dread feeling that I had inside and I accepted that it would probably go ahead.

I don’t recall whether it was the very next day or the day after that, but we got a call from the office saying that the event had been put off for three months due to flooding! It was the height of Summer, what had flooded? We had no idea and I didn’t ask as I didn’t care. All I cared about was the fact that we could enjoy our holiday and put it right out of our minds.

Accepting Your Manifestation Won’t Come, Means it Will

I know this seems like a ridiculous contradiction, but it is true. why? Because when we accept what is we allow what isn’t to appear. We create space for reality to move for us, or we slip silently and effortlessly into a new reality, where that thing we created is.

Manifesting in a time crunch is all about release, and finding your way to the state of detachment. It doesn’t mean that you won’t occasionally think about it and wonder, it just means that there is space within for the possibility to become a probability and then bang! You can create by assuming that it won’t happen. It’s all in the decrease of attachment to the outcome and no more than that. 🙂

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