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Manifesting a Text or a Call with The Law of Attraction

Is it really possible to create contact via text, social media or even a call from someone with LOA? Hell yeah!

I’ve been asked to create a post detailing how exactly you can manifest a person into your life via text or a call. Below you will find a quick and easy technique. It works, but you have to get on with life after you’ve implemented it.

People are the same as everything else – energy. We can move energy around, manipulate it so to speak. If you have been looking for love for a long time or have recently split from a partner, are just wondering about this law of attraction stuff and think why not give it a go? Then this is for you.

Looking to Get Back with Your Ex?

Lots of times, we split from someone, and the love of our lives is now referred to as our ex. We may have thought it was the right thing at the time, but now we want them back. They may have ended things, and you might think that’s impossible given your particular circumstances. Nothing is impossible, and circumstances don’t actually matter to the Universe, only to us.

Want to Manifest a Crush?

Maybe here is that one person that you have had a crush on for as long as you can remember, they’ve never even shown a hint of an interest. You’d love them to reach out to you, but why would they? That’s how it goes on real life isn’t it? We decide that something can’t happen and so it doesn’t.

How to Manifest Contact From a Person

If you are completely new to the law of attraction, maybe take a look at this first. Although I refer to it as such, I really think of it as the law of creation. We create our own version of reality as we go along. First of all, make the decision to bring someone into your life. If it’s an ex, then think of them as a new person. Try not to think of them as your ex.

  • Set your intention
  • Bring them to mind
  • Imagine getting a call or a text from them
  • Feel it as if it has happened
  • Let it go

This is as simple as it is, if you don’t hold onto attachment to the outcome. If you can see this as a little bit of fun, in a why not try it and see? sort of way, that’s when you’ll see results.

The feeling is all important. If it’s mixed with a feeling of ‘Not having’ then it won’t have the effect that you want.

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    1. We do it all of the time. Whether we know about it or not. Sometimes it’s easier when we don’t because we don’t try too hard and our energy is pure.

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