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Manifest a Specific Person Instantly

The Law of Attraction or The Law of Assumption?

Either or, it really doesn’t matter what you choose to call it. Yes, manifesting a specific person is no different in the eyes of reality than manifesting a five pound note, a free cup of coffee or a set of lost keys!

If you think of everything in the universe as energy it becomes easier to get your head around this concept. Now let’s try and see things as I do. This is your reality. You get to choose what you experience and you do that with your feelings. It’s widely accepted by physicists that reality is not as we have thought it to be. We interpret the world around us in a physical sense because that is how we are made. I once watched a documentary about incredible people and the bizarre traits and talents they have. Once teenage boy saw absolutely everything in code. He was shocked to find that other people didn’t see things that way. With this in mind, it seems very plausible that what we are seeing with our human eyes, is not really the source.

How Can We Instantly Manifest a Person Who Has So Far Shown No Interest?

I go back to my previous statement. Our reality is ours to live. We get to decide how we live it and who is in it with us. Assume that time is not actually as we know it. It isn’t linear. A tough one to get your head around, but probably true. Now imagine that you create a reality line when you desire something in your life. It’s there, only at the moment, you are somewhere else. Imagine it as a side road leading off from the main road that you are on. You can choose to indicate and come off the road you are currently on or you can stay on this one for a while longer. There will be another side road in a few miles leading to the same place so don’t worry if you miss it the first time around.

So, let’s say that you decide you want to go on a date with Pete. The only problem is, he doesn’t have your number, he isn’t in your social media contacts and actually he seems to fancy Lucy that works in the same office as you. But, hey, what’s in a wish? You decide you’d like to go on a date with him in any case, you think it probably won’t happen any time soon but you don’t over-think it. Two days later, you notice him smiling at you from afar, a week later and he sends you a friend request on Facebook or whatever the more trendy social media platform is these days 😉 You accept, and the next day he asks you out. Voila! You have manifested your specific person. You go out on a date, he tells you he’s never even noticed Lucy and has fancied you for ages. You think ‘Huh? I’m sure he hasn’t’ You are probably right. In your old reality, he didn’t know who you were. In this reality, the one that you just jumped into, he has fancied you for months, just as he professes.

This is how you manifest a specific person immediately. You accept that this is all one big quantum computer. Your desire, coupled with your feelings is what moves you into different realities.

Keeping things simple is key. Not over-thinking and finding too many reasons why it can’t happen. Not dwelling in the lack of it or feeling as if you aren’t good enough. A simple wish and a feeling of ‘How great would that be?’ is enough to create the reality where that version of a person is waiting for you.

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