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Manifest the Neville Goddard Way

Use your Imagination to Create a New reality

Neville Goddard manifested with his imagination. He would imagine a scene (which he called the imaginal act) and he would repeat this scene over and over until he felt it had made a suitable impression upon his subconscious mind.

Many people will point out that Neville didn’t talk about attachment or resistance. They get frustrated because they know this is possible but it isn’t working for them They don’t want to hear that it is their own attachment to the outcome that is causing things to remain the same. My answer to those of you struggling with this is: Neville was a wonderful eccentric. He did not suffer with attachment to the outcome. He knew beyond doubt that if he was persistent and consistent with his visualisations, he would eventually reap the rewards. If we could be in that same feeling state, then we would see speedy results too. The problem is, that most of us look for the results. When we do this, we are saying ‘We don’t have this. Where is it’ and that is a lack vibration. When you feel lack, you get lack. Yes, it is as simple as that.

Not everyone can imagine in pictures. Some of you will be able to feel in your mind but not necessarily see a moving image. This does not mean that you can’t use your imagination to manifest. The way in which you imagine is unique to you. It’s not actually in the pictures we see but the feeling they evoke. It is the feeling that manifests in all cases. How you get there is up to you.

Is There a Right Way to Visualise?

There is daydreaming and then there is visualising or imagining to see something show up in your reality. That’s not to say that a daydream cannot produce a manifestation. If you are also desiring something that you then go on to daydream about then it will show up in your reality at some point. The daydream might produce the feeling.

Imagining on purpose in order to manifest: It’s effective when we feel things, smell things and have emotion during the visualisation. So, if you want to meet with someone for example: Imagine the room. Walk around it touching the various items inside of it. If there is a bed in the room, feel the sheets with your hands. What smells are there? Can you smell the bed linen? It’s about bringing all of your senses into the visualisation.

Allow the person to enter the room and then hear yourself speaking the words you would say if this was a physical encounter. Hear them say what you’d like them to say to you.

Maybe it’s a job interview or an encounter with an old flame or friend that you’d like in your life again.

If it’s a job interview then it doesn’t matter if you have never met the person interviewing you before. It’s the words and the feeling that count along with the pure desire for it.

How Long Do You Persist in Trying to Manifest?

It’s a good idea to set yourself a time limit or else you may get stuck on the manifesting merry-go-round which is not a fun place! You start to think you’ve done something wrong or didn’t feel it right when you don’t see results and that in turn, leads to resistance and a lot of attachment to the outcome. 28 days is ample time to make an impression on your own subconscious. Don’t be tempted to do more just incase. Less is more I promise you. It’s not in the doing, it’s in the allowing.

Be more Neville! It doesn’t matter when it shows up. You have done all that you need to do and all that you can do. Your part is done. hand it over to the universe now.

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One Response

  1. Personally, I have not used visualization for years and I do not recommend it to anyone. Yes, there are coaches who proclaim that God is your imagination. I disagree, God is our creative power. I find it much more effective when, regardless of our desires, we just turn inward a little bit sometimes (I don’t mean meditation!). Calmness has been much more productive for me than excitement or focus. For example, I spent years trying to get my ex back. I visualized, I tried, I always had the feeling of excitement, but nothing ever happened. When I calmed down, turned inward (and not to get him back) he appeared out of nowhere.
    I love Neville, but he is really very unique, and he doesn’t mention letting go because he could let go of his desires immediately, and unfortunately many coaches don’t understand that. I would recommend Richard Dotts’ work to people today, I think he is much more up to date. And I understand that your “work” is similar to his, which is why you have had such success, which I am very happy about. So, Evie, we like you very much.

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