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The Law of Vibration

How to Change Your Frequency to Manifest a New Life

Change your frequency, change your life. On one hand, that is simple, on the other, we have an annoyingly analytical mind and it so often gets in the way, causing our frequency to remain the same. It’s a fact, we cannot effect a change, if we keep doing the same.

Imagine this: We are two things. We are this physical body and we also have an energetic version of ourselves. This will help you practise the art of manipulating your frequency. See it as the energetic version of you. It is practising this art whilst physical you simply looks on.

What Exactly is ‘Frequency’

We are vibrational beings, this is a fact. A sciency fact no less. It’s not woowoo, or new age pseudoscience. Everything, but everything, is vibrating. The sofa I sit on as I write this, the TV opposite, the table to the side of me. It’s all vibrating, we just can’t see those vibrations with the naked eye. The whole universe is vibrating!

Now imagine that vibration has its own unique signal, and that signal is going out there to whatever this magic is, and it is sending you the related ‘3d experience’ – It’s what you are asking for right? Probably not! The thing is, we get what we feel, what we are, we do not get what we want. This is important to note. If you are just getting into the Law of Attraction then you might have been told ‘You can have whatever you want’ and of course, that is true, but not if you are vibrating the opposite. Hmmmm.

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How to Change Your Frequency to Change Your Life

Bring one thing to mind right now. It doesn’t matter what it is. Something in your life that you are not satisfied with. How does it feel? This is what I mean by your frequency. The way it feels is your energy on the subject and this in turn is your vibration and then your frequency which is being picked up on, read if you like, and coming back to you in 3d experiences. I like to see it as ‘tones of’ – If our signal is all mixed up, and we don’t have complete clarity, we get back a version of what we want. The version that is the frequency we are emitting.

If we are constantly moaning and complaining about the people in our lives, they will continue to reflect that behaviour back to us. If we play negative conversations over and over in our mind’s, we will have similar conversations in real life and as before, we will continue to see our relationships in the same old way. Even people in our lives change as our frequency changes. It’s impossible to see the same reality if you are changed.

When we complain and feel hard done by a lot, we are emitting the signal of ‘I am not satisfied, I am hard done by’ and so you are. You have asked to be! When I hear, ‘The Universe has your back’ I think, well, yes, if having your back means giving you exactly what you are emitting as a frequency, then sure. The thing is that isn’t necessarily in your better interests. The Universe, or whatever this is to you, is acting on a signal and nothing more than that. It has its part to play in the game of life just as we all do. You can’t control it as such, but what you can control is you. Do that, and life will seem to bend to your will. Reality will move to bring you those things that you desire when you are emitting a signal closer to ‘high frequency’ – Continue to emit a low vibe, and those are the experiences you will have, low vibe.

I am a law of attraction and mind-set coach as well as being an author and content writer. You can book Zoom coaching with me here or chat to me via email if you have a burning question. I also offer email coaching for those who want a more structured approach to manifesting.

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