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Law of Attraction Success Stories

In Love – Success

My lovely friend Em has given me permission to share this law of attraction for love success story.

The beginning: Em and Mark (not his real name) had been together for three years. Em, by her own admission, was needy and insecure. She would constantly look for appreciation from Mark. One day, out of the blue, Mark ended the relationship.

Although Em thought it was out of the blue, it wasn’t really. Everyone could have seen it coming a mile off. When we as human beings, are backed into a corner, we just want to run away, as far as our legs will carry us. That was Mark. He was constantly under pressure to show his love, to compliment her, to make her believe that she was the only one for him. Who can live like that? It’s exhausting. She begged, she pleaded, she sent probably hundreds of texts and made lots of unanswered calls. Six weeks later, Mark was in a relationship with someone else. ‘She’s so much prettier than me’ Em would say. ‘I bet she doesn’t make him tell her she loves her all the time’ and so on it went…..She guessed that they had probably met before the split but she wasn’t resentful. She knew this was down to her completely.

She didn’t want to be this version of herself anymore. At this point she knew nothing about specific person manifestation. She was reading up on self-love and empowerment. She was doing it all right in any case, but she didn’t know it. The I had to go and open my big mouth!

Getting Your Ex Back with Manifestation Techniques

‘So I can get him back?’ That thought was all that she needed throw herself into Get back With Your Ex techniques. All well and good, but only when you aren’t incredibly attached to the outcome. She was becoming more and more attached to it and the idea of manifesting him back. She’d script, affirm, visualise, over and over. I told her: ‘No more. You have done enough. You had it right from the start, before you knew about the law of attraction, and before you invested in a ton of books on the subject.’ Law of attraction books are fun, but it can become an obsession to find the perfect technique, that one that will make it all fall into place. She’d watch success stories on Youtube and wonder why she hadn’t had her own victory.

Through all of this hard-work intending, Mark was living with his new partner. Em would visualise them splitting up, him calling to tell her, and the big reunion all of the time.

She was exhausted. I practically begged her to stop. ‘It can’t happen because you are blocking it at every turn with your attachment.’

In that moment, something clicked. She stopped instantly. ‘I’m done’ she confirmed, and I knew that she meant it. from that day she concentrated on her again. She told herself that it was probably over, but she’d see what happened in the future. She got a new job and started enjoying herself again. She said that she’d imagine being with Mark now and again, but only when she was taken by the urge to do it. Four months went by. She was in town paying in some cheques. She left the bank, cursing the rain and walked straight into him.

They chatted, they went for coffee, they chatted some more. He was single again. He had split with his GF four months before. Em pondered the fact that it had happened just as she had let him go. Why? Her energy had changed, so had reality.

Mark told her that he had been thinking about he the whole time (14 months) but would talk himself out of contacting her. That’s what attachment does, it puts obstacles in the way of manifestation.

Releasing Resistance

In the end, that’s what did it. All of that work…it wasn’t the reason he came back. All we really need is a solid intention, some feeling and detachment from the outcome. That comes when we decide to concentrate on US and not the other person. When we are constantly reaching for someone or something, we don’t see it. It avoids us for one reason or another. This law is predictable yet unpredictable all at the same time. Why? Because it works on out feelings or vibration, if that’s what you prefer to call it. Our feelings are unique. How you feel on a certain subject will be either very different or subtly different than how I feel. So we will each create in our own unique way.

Your Own Success Story

Law of attraction success stories are all well and good but use them for encouragement and the feel good factor. Don’t try to emulate the story in your own situation as someone else’s way might not be your way.

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