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Law of Attraction Meditations

Self Hypnosis for Manifestation

When it comes to manifesting a new life, or maybe just an enhanced version of the one you have, meditations can be very effective. Personally I go between law of attraction subliminal’s and meditations. Sometimes I don’t want to hear my voice, and sometimes I do!

Meditations are more effective for people that struggle with the whole concept of a subliminal. It means just that, the message is picked up subliminally as it cannot be heard, either at all or clearly in some cases. Some subliminal recordings are made so that you can pick up a nuance of the voice and some aren’t. Often though, it depends on your own hearing levels.

‘I am’ Meditations

I use two types of affirmative statements. Some of my meditations contain I am and some contain You are. Personally I prefer the latter. I like the bossy nature of YOU ARE! I feel as if I am instructing my subconscious much in the same way a hypnotherapist would. These statements are fairly new to my collection.

How Long Does it Take to See Results From Affirmations in Meditations and Subliminal’s?

It varies from person to person. For me, it’s quick but that’s because I am very suggestible. I’d say on average, it takes around 3 months to feel a real internal shift in awareness. That really is a generous estimate however, as the majority of people I work with tend to feel results much sooner that this.

You may be the sort of person that takes on a suggestion or instruction immediately. Being suggestible is not a negative, it’s a distinct positive as it means that you can change a limiting belief quickly and see 3d results much sooner.

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