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Law of Attraction For Beautiful Skin

How to Manifest a Change in Your Skin

Is it really possible to manifest great skin with the law of attraction? Well, yes of course it is!

Everything is energetic. When we have struggles with our skin, we are generally feeling what we don’t like about it. We don’t realise that no amount of treatment creams and potions will do anything at all because energetically we are feeling what we don’t like, so we see more of that.

It’s very easy for me to tell you to feel your good skin in order to see it, but not so easy for you to go ‘Right, yeah, of course, I can do that’ because we have been taught to believe what we see. We have not been taught to feel what we want to see.

Let’s say that you’d heard of this magic cream that guaranteed to get rid of acne in four weeks. This is purely an example. You have been suffering with acne for years and every time you look in the mirror you are reminded of it, so you feel it. You hear about this cream and it comes with a guarantee. Okay, so this is going to change your life. You buy a tube of this magic cream and within a few weeks, your skin is clearing up. ‘It really is the magic stuff’ you think as you admire your skin. But what you don’t know is that this cream is no different than a plain and simple moisturiser. There is nothing magic about it, but you thought there was. You ‘felt’ this cream to be the answer to your prayers. You thought to yourself ‘I am going to get clear skin’ and that was all it took. Nothing to do with the fake magic cream!

Do You Have to Believe it to Receive it?

No, you don’t. All that you have to do is start feeling ‘clear skin’ – It’s an energy to tap into. You don’t have to convince yourself that you have good skin right now. It’s not about forcing something, it’s about practising a feeling of it. How does it feel? Not, how would you feel if you had clear skin, more, what is the energy of good skin. If this sounds a little odd then think of it this way; you wish for clear skin, you automatically get the feeling of it which is it’s energetic version.

I used to notice all kinds of ageing on my skin. I hit 44 and all sorts of lines and imperfections started to show to me, seemingly over-night. All I could see were the things I didn’t like. I tried all sorts of creams and treatments and nothing made a jot of difference. I had somewhat stumbled on the law of attraction a couple of years earlier, but I had no idea how much my energy effected what I saw in my reality. I had no clue that I was perpetuating what I didn’t like.

Take a look at this short video on my anti ageing skin care manifestation technique


Affirmations are not my manifestation method of choice but you may love them. I like to throw a little real life in there. By stating that beauty products work well for you, you are instructing your sub-conscious to accept that things will improve with a good product. In fact, it doesn’t have to be an expensive product. Find one that you like the look of and make it your ‘fountain of youth’

I stopped giving attention to the parts I didn’t like. I only focused on what I did like and accepted what I didn’t. I took my attention away, so therefore I let go of the need to see changes. This was all it took to see changes! I see myself completely differently now. I started to see my creams and devices as magic, the answer to all ageing signs 🙂 I told myself this regularly. I also gave myself a new age. I was 48 when I did this. I gave myself 35. So, I was 35 on the inside. It really didn’t matter how many years I had actually lived. I am 50 now and still use the same magic age! All that you are doing is conjuring up the energy of the words that you speak. 35 has an energy. I am evoking it so therefore, I get to experience it. Whether or not I look 35 is neither here nor there. It’s about feeling good. I DO feel that I look younger now than I did a few years ago though.

A Visual Exercise for Good Skin

Imagine yourself in a field. It’s sunny and you can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. You have a little pot of green coloured paste in your hand. It’s a magic paste for good skin. You rub it onto your face ad you hold your face towards the sun with your eyes closed. You let the paste dry into your skin. When it’s dry, you peel it off. When it comes off, it takes your perceived imperfections off too. Do this for four weeks, once a day. Just before sleep is a good time. Keep the visual the same each time and make sure to keep it short. Don’t keep looking in the mirror for the change. This will only serve to keep things the same. You MUST give the magic space to work for you 🙂

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