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Creating Your Own Reality is Simple When You Know How

How to Manifest

It’s The Law of Attraction on Youtube!

Manifesting with the law of attraction isn’t difficult. We do it all of time but we just don’t realise that we are creating as we go. In some ways when you first start to understand what is actually going on here, it becomes tough to make things happen. When you know that you CAN actually create your own reality you start to get a little hung up on things and wonder why on earth everyone else can do it and you can’t.

Don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal. In order to move past that all you need to do is to accept that you feel that way for the moment. Don’t fight with yourself. You won’t win!

Manifesting the things that you really, really want comes easier when you accept the way that things are right now, in this moment. Don’t dwell on why something is eluding you. You’ll probably start to wonder if this law of attraction stuff is actually all nonsense.

That’s why I have created a YouTube channel dedicated to all things impossible, or seemingly so. It’s somewhere that I can talk about this stuff to people that get it. Not to my friends who think I’m a tiny bit mad but are in awe of the things that I make happen and tell me it’s coincidence or good luck.

My channel is tutorial based and teaches you everything you need to know in order to manifest EVERYTHING you want. Yes, that’s everything. No small measures here. You can manifest anything with feeling, emotion and letting go.

What Exactly Is Going On Here?

Once you give up the need to know what the hell this is, you’ll be a lot happier. If you know anything about quantum physics and the power of your own intention, you’ll know that it’s science. Some weird ass science granted, but actually real life clever scientific sorts know it exists, only they call it quantum physics because that sounds grown-up. It’s the same thing by a different name.

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