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manifesting and attached to the outcome

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Attachment to The End Result When Manifesting

The Law of Attraction and ‘Desiring’ Something to Manifest

first of all, let’s clear something up. It is OKAY to want something. feeling the ‘want’ for something does not automatically mean that you are attached to it. In actual fact, allowing yourself to want it and not trying to force the feeling out can actually have a very positive effect on your overall feeling state.

What is Attachment to the Outcome?

Attachment to the thing that you want is generally an irrational need for it. I will be happy when..sort of a feeling. You are placing your overall happiness outside of you and you are directing it at this one thing, like it is the be all and end all. You might feel a knot in your stomach or a resistance in your chest when you bring this to mind and to be honest, you will probably have this feeling with you most of the time, even when you are busy getting on with life. You’ll feel anchored to this one thing. You’ll ‘try’ to manifest it and you’ll probably always be looking for the next ‘secret’ technique that is the one that will finally bring it to you, but deep down you will know that you have become stuck in this emotion. When you try any new technique you will be doing it as an ‘observer’ – What I mean is, you will be constantly looking for evidence that your manifestation is close and you will usually be in a feeling state of mild disappointment.

Are You Attached to Your Desire?

If anything I have mentioned here resonates with you, there are things that you can do to either lessen this attachment or to rid yourself of it altogether. The first thing is to allow yourself to want it. Next, write down why you want it. How will it enhance your life? Now ask yourself if you have become more attached to seeing it manifest than the actual desire itself. When we take time to notice our feelings, it becomes easier to release them. You don’t have to affirm over and over that you are detached. You only need to level up a little.

I Heal My Attachment to This

This is one of my favourite things to do. You CAN heal anything. What you are really doing is releasing that trapped emotion – You may only need to do this once, but it may take a little longer. Just one simple statement that really can have a significant impact on your life. Use it for anything that you perceive to be negative.

I Want My Desire

I cannot stress enough just how much allowing yourself to feel the desire for something can help this whole process. If you did just this and nothing else, it would probably be enough. We spend far too much time analysing our thoughts and feelings and poking around looking for resistance that we don’t realise we are in fact adding to that resistance just by over-thinking it. Sure, we have undesirable programs running. Some we know about and some we don’t but we can heal those too. Just by being aware of them, we can lessen their strength.

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