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Manifesting Techniques?

Is there one manifesting technique that stands out? That one thing that is just that little bit more effective than everything else? In one word – No.

All that techniques do is create the feeling state that is the vibration that put out the frequency that brings that particular desire into out physical reality. Sure, some techniques work better than others for us. But that is purely a resonance thing. As in all of life, some things resonate with us more than others.

It goes without saying that none of us knows what is really going on here. We call it the law of attraction as that seems to be the adopted term for whatever this is. I have also heard it described as the magnetic field within and and outside of us. We can manipulate that field to our will to achieve greatness. I have always found the term ‘attraction’ rather ambiguous when it comes to this stuff. I mean, I get it, we feel something, we match the frequency of it and then we get it. So yeah, attraction sort of works but for me it’s more about creating my life as I move through it by adapting my vibration, which is my feeling state which might also be described as my magnetic field.

I can physically feel my vibration on a daily basis. My mood dictates it. Sometimes it’s easy to tweak it and sometimes not so much. If I am feeling anxious I know that this effects my vibration, my magnetic field. Anxiety puts us in a state of high alert and all the negative is amplified. Learning to control this is a far better way of getting good at creating more of the good stuff.

Dealing With High Alert Anxiety

Let’s say that something has happened and it had dropped you into a high state of anxiety. What happens here is that your brain goes into what has been described as monkey mode. Then we allow it to carry on operating us rather than utilising our thought processes to ‘get a grip’ so to speak. It’s pretty difficult to function in a calm state when we are allowing this mode to continue.

A Technique to Deal With High Anxiety

Imagine a set of cubes in front of you. They don’t have to be cubes, they can be circular like a ball or indeed any shape you like. The black one’s are the out of control thoughts and the green ones are rational responses.

Pick up each black one as you feel the issue. So, ‘I am worried that this will have a catastrophic outcome’ ‘I feel out of control’ ‘I can’t deal with this’ and so on. Find every worry that you have about this particular issue and put each one inside of it’s own cube. Pick them up one by one and pop the into an imaginary box.

Now let’s look at the green’s. ‘The may not actually be as bad as I am making out to be’ ‘I am in control of my feelings they are not in control of me’ ‘I can deal with this. I’ve dealt with bad things in the past and got through them’ Pick up each green cube and pop them into the same box in your mind. You should feel slightly calmer now.

This technique is great for in the moment high anxiety but it also works for ongoing anxiety. It’s a form of cognitive therapy I have adapted from my time spent in sessions about 20 years ago. You can also adapt this technique to suit you. What you are doing is balancing your thoughts, you are allowing the rational, thoughtful mind to take over. I work well with visuals, but you can write in two separate columns if that works never for you.

Okay, so I digressed from the law of attraction and manifesting slightly here, but managing your feeling state means that life becomes a little easier to navigate and our desires start to seem a little more attainable. Being in a constant state of anxiety makes everything seem impossible.


We do this all of the time. We create based on our feeling state. When we are calmer in general, we can spend time looking at our vibration regarding certain issues in our lives. Perhaps we want to resurrect a broken friendship or relationship. Far easier to look at that once general anxiety over it is diminished. Maybe we want a great new job and we have just been made redundant. We didn’t expect that and now we are panicking. Balance those panic, urgent thoughts with the rational. Make this a life skill. This loss is actually the first step to moving on. Merely the bridge of incidents that leads to your desire.

Sometimes we are thrown a curve-ball and it’s easier to go into panic rather than thoughtful mode. ‘Oh my God, this isn’t what I wanted. I need money now, I can’t wait for my desire. I’ll have to take the first thing I find that’s just a little bit suitable’ rather than ‘Okay, this is a real curve-ball. I said I wanted a new job but this wasn’t how I imagined it happening. Still, reality is moving for me, so my desire must be on the way. In the meantime, If I feel the need to take something temporary to tide me by then so be it.’

Changing Your Perspective can Move Mountains

It really is a fact that changing your perspective can also change your feeling state in an instant, and in turn change your future. If you are stuck then ask a friend for another perspective. It’s often easier to move ourselves when someone else gives us another version of events.

We Manifest Life With Our Feelings

A thought leads to a vibration/feeling and that begins to take effect on what we see going on around us. That’s how it feels to me. No-one can claim to truly know but we can make our best guess based on our own experiences.

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7 Responses

  1. Hi Evie, I really like your articles, they are short but very substantial.
    I don’t use any techniques anymore, I just feel the feeling and then let it go completely. I used to try all the techniques, but never succeeded (because I didn’t let go). For example, I don’t like visualization either, because what if I can’t even imagine the miracle that could happen to me? I’d rather let go of the feeling and with it everything I have inside me about my desire.
    And perspective is very important. But what if we let go of our perspectives? I figure that’s a key, too.
    For me, manifesting is the same as letting go. Letting go is allowing. (We don’t have to solve the problem, because there is no problem. Our subconscious will take care of it, whether we believe it or not! 🙂 )
    Thanks for the videos and articles!

    Translated with (free version)

    1. Yes this is right! Allowing is manifesting 🙂 When we make it hard work, we have the associated vibration which is no use when we want a different situation. We have to look away in order to see change.
      Looking away is really about letting go of the need to control.

    1. Possibly. If it works for people and they are happy believing in a God then it is positive for them. I know people that practise LOA and are also christians. They see the holy spirit as their inner guide, what I call my higher self.

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