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Law of Attraction and Vibration

I prefer to call this the law of vibration rather than attraction. We get what we vibrate. I have come to know this over the last few years. So much so that I have written a whole book dedicated to vibration. What is a vibration? It’s a feeling.

A vibration can be random, so not consciously evoked in order to manifest, or it can purposely kicked in in order to change a negative feeling or manifest a material thing, situation, event or person.

What we vibrate we eventually see in our reality. It’s my considered opinion that we create life as we go with our feelings, which are vibrations, which is a frequency that is read by whatever this magic is. It’s then given to us directly or we are given a situation that leads to our desire.

Pimp Your Vibe – An excerpt

There are vibrations and there are vibrations. One is a reaction to something you are told, or you have heard or seen and the other is the frequency at which you vibrate when you think about something. A reactionary emotion is not a tool for deliberate manifestation, but we can manifest from an emotion. Confused?

I have on many occasions had people cancel appointments, meetings, catch-up’s and events. I’d have a strong urghhhh feeling just before it happened. So, I’d feel that I didn’t want to go, didn’t want to see a particular person or attend a meeting. Sometimes I’d get an email right after the feeling asking to postpone or in some cases cancel. Other times it might be a day or so later, but always I would have got out of it without having to let anyone down (which by the way I wouldn’t have done)

When I started to understand feelings and manifestation I realised that this needed to be controlled. One week I lost two digital media clients two days apart. It wasn’t that I wanted to lose them. It was just that my SEO manager had left, and I had to take his clients for a while until I could employ someone else. The industries were completely out of my comfort zone. I had an instant aversion to working on the accounts. I remember saying to the guys in the office one day ‘I really don’t want these two accounts’ I felt it deeply. Two days later one of those clients cancelled their subscription and a day after that so did the other client. Both gone just like that. I realised right away what had happened. I have to control my reactive emotions I concluded. I mean, that is most definitely easier said than done.

Sometimes it happens still, and I sigh. Those emotions have so much momentum. They last just a second or two, but they have super-power. I am much better at stalling an emotion now. So much so that it’s diluted when it finally forces its way to the surface. If I find myself having a full on instant reactive emotion I state what I DO want right after and don’t allow it to get its own way. To be fair it’s only obeying orders but the thing is the ink is blotchy and some of the letters are smudged.

Being clear about what you DO want is important. When you make a ‘do want’ statement of intent, try to find the corresponding feeling/vibration within and let it marinate for a few minutes. I can’t promise you that your initial reaction won’t manifest an undesirable result, but it is far less likely to. I have found that doing this means I cut these instances down by at least eighty percent. Sometimes that overwhelming emotion is just so strong that it wins over my deliberate after-feeling.

Raising Your Vibration

You can do this at will. The thing is, that it is short-lived in most cases. You’ll be able to hold onto the new vibration for as long as you focus on it at first, and then it will probably be replaced with the old one. But this is a new skill you are learning. It takes practise. The more you do it, the longer that higher vibration will last without so much effort from you.

A low vibration is generally caused by an undesirable event or situation. We as human beings, are reactive. Our vibration is governed by our outer world. Our good mood is there because something good happened, and our bad mood, because something rubbish happened. A situation has the power to mess about with our vibration if we don’t stop it from doing so. Why should we hand over our power to something or someone else? It’s ours, it belongs to us. It will be mis-used another’s hands.

Monitoring Your Vibrational State

I do this on a regular basis. I notice my vibration on a particular subject and if it’s low or negative, then I actively change it. I know that if I leave it then I will go on to experience more things in line with it as it is now, and I most certainly don’t want any of those things, whatever they might be.

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