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Law of Assumption Specific Person

How to use the law of assumption to manifest a relationship With a particular person

If you don’t already know, the law of assumption is the theory that we create or manifest (whichever word works for you) by either knowingly or unknowingly assuming a certain outcome.

We might know full well that we assume that specific person is stubborn, never texts first, is sensitive, thoughtless…but we may not actually know that we have a certain assumption about them until we take a look inside of ourselves. Sometimes it might need some poking at the unearth and sometimes it hits us in an instant and the light bulb comes on. ‘Of course they aren’t reaching out. That’s because I subconsciously think that’s what they are like’

The crux of it is, we cannot expect someone to behave in a particular way if we have created an assumption that they are the opposite of how we want them to behave towards us.

How to Assume Differently

If you have read any of my previous posts on the law then you will know that I say it’s almost impossible to suddenly assume the opposite of what is there right now. On the plus side, merely by noticing that assumption, we are diluting it. It has lost some of its power without us so much as lifting a finger.

Look at a particular assumption around that person and decide that it is false. It is something you have made up and so that is what you are seeing. Just for a moment, suspend your disbelief and go with the crazy notion that we experience what we expect to experience and then ask yourself how you can get to B from A when there is no road or bridge to it yet as you haven’t created either.

What You Assume About Yourself

Just to complicate matters even further, what we assume about ourselves will also have an impact on how other people interact with us. If you assume yourself to be unlovable you will see that reflected back to you. If you assume that no-one wants to commit to you, then inevitably relationships will fall at the final hurdle.

Look at how you feel about yourself first and foremost and work on that if it needs work. Persist in telling yourself that you are great, or okay, if you find it hard to go for the bigger descriptions. Remind yourself of your positive points and ask yourself this; if you knew someone else with those attributes, wouldn’t you be impressed? Look at yourself from an outsider’s perspective. It’s okay to like yourself, it’s okay to tell yourself you look good, you are a catch and deserve the best relationships.

Empowering Affirmations to Help Manifest a Specific Person

I am all that I need to be

No-one is out of my reach

I am the protagonist in this reality

I deserve the things that I desire

What I desire desires me

I deserve the best

I control my feelings, they don’t control me

I feel free

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