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Law of Assumption and a Specific Person

Can You Assume Someone is Yours and Manifest Them?

First of all, what is an assumption? It’s a natural inclination to believe something is true for you, in your life. It’s a subconscious belief that we carry around often unknowingly. We then notice life unfolding around that assumption. The assumption always comes first, even if it seems as if it’s the other way around.

I hear people online saying ‘The law of assumption is simple, just change your assumptions’ Yes, in theory it is simple, but in real life, a little less so. Why? Because we have a rational human mind that tends to air on the side of the worst case scenario. It’s easier to believe what you see over what you don’t.

If you really, really want a specific person to show you some interest and they haven’t even noticed you so far, then you might quite easily tell yourself ‘They aren’t interested, it’s obvious.’ or ‘I’m just not their usual type.’ and so on. On one hand you might affirm that they are interested in you, but on the other hand you are probably telling yourself a story about why they are not. This is NOT going to change your assumption about them. You cannot change what is by feeling what isn’t.

You Want to Get Your Ex Back Using The Law of Assumption

This I hear a lot. You have split up with someone either just, or a while ago, and you really want them back in your life. You are trying desperately to assume different about the possibility of this. Maybe you have some contact from them but it is on and off. You want to assume that they are into you, that they text you all of the time, that they are crazy about you. Okay, that’s all well and good, but are you sticking to that scenario and ignoring the fact that at the moment they are a bit of a dick? I get it, it’s not easy to do. The fact is however, that in order to get something different, you have to do something different.

The absolute best way to do this is to NOT use the law of assumption. Yes you read it right. It can be a tough call to hammer home a new assumption and you do not have to do that. Have a think about whether or not this person even deserves a second chance with you first. DO THEY DESERVE, not do you deserve. We have to bring this back to us. We cannot put the power outside of ourselves. When you are clear that you really do want to give it another shot, make that your intention. ‘I want the opportunity to give this another go’ – Then tell yourself this is possible. You don’t have to believe it or have faith, all you need is the suggestion that it is possible. It is of course, anything is.

It’s all Energy – Manifesting is Not Supposed to Be so Hard

We are an energetic force. What we radiate in energetic form, comes back to us. Try to simplify this right down. If you radiate lack, don’t have, scarcity…you will get that reflected back to you. You give it out you get it back.

In noticing that you have a negative assumption, you have started the process of change. Have a word with yourself and remind yourself that where there is a worst case scenario, there is a best case. What has gone has gone. How a person feels right now in this moment has no bearing on how they can wake up feeling tomorrow morning.

You are not trying to bend their mind, mess with their free will. All that you are doing is deciding what course you want your life to take. How people change their mind and start reacting differently to us is a mystery, but it happens. I have seen it twice in my own life, and big time too!

You have to look away. You cannot constantly scrutinise the current moment and expect to manifest that person in the way you’d like them to be. It doesn’t work like that. Get on with your life and stop making them so important. The more importance we put on a person, the more we let life happen to us instead of creating it. We become so fixated on this one thing, that everything else gets neglected. Our energy is generally one of lack, so we see other things going off course too.

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  1. Thank you for this, it makes so much sense right now for me, especially that last paragraph. It has been all consuming. It’s not even an actual relationship, just a potential one where we just click in so many ways. But there are problematic factors like it’s mainly online, he’s in another country (I have met him in person), and there may be another girl he likes. It’s been a very confusing and upsetting time, but this article really resonated thank you! Being highly sensitive makes it a bit more difficult I think.

    I’ve only just come across your site and youtube so I’ll be looking at more and probably look at one of your courses!

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