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It’s Okay to Ditch Social Media

Nothing Bad Will Happen If You Stop Using Facebook

I was uploading yet another selfie to my beauty channel the other day, as I did every week with a slightly heavy heart. I wouldn’t say I hate social media, more have a slight aversion to it. I have it, or should I say, had it, because that’s what you do isn’t it? You have a personal profile to push, so you simply have to have Instagram and probably Facebook.

I had forgotten that I am in charge here. Who says I have to upload endless un-inspiring posts to the masses that are very probably indifferent to it at best? If something doesn’t feel good, and you can very well stop doing it, then stop doing it.

So rather inspired by my own words, I stopped. I closed two instagram accounts just like that, and set a Facebook account to ‘delete’ I would have been happier if it had gone in a second as Instagram did, but Facebook made me wait 14 days. Presumably expecting me to change my mind. Change it? No way, not a chance. The sense of relief I felt when my two very un-inspiring Instagram accounts were dissolved just like that was overwhelming. I look forward to the feeling again when my FB account dives headlong into the vacuum marked ‘deleted’ never to be seen again. Although I have often wondered if all of the deleted stuff in the world might come back to haunt us one day. That’s a notion not to give any attention to isn’t it?

Much Like Life Outside of the EU, We will Survive

Don’t believe the propaganda. We will get medicine, we will have a free-flowing water supply, the shops won’t run out of baked beans, and so a person can survive without knowing the everyday goings on of other people. I was happier a little disconnected from every other human being out there. I didn’t really want to know what my sort of friend from school was having for lunch but I looked at pictures or her gourmet burger and chips anyway.

Scrolling through other people’s lives has become habitual. We do it without even knowing what we’re looking at. We look at photographs of people we barely know, we skip past propaganda posts, we click a link for ‘the greatest anti-aging cream ever’, we go back, we scroll some more, we sigh, we put our phone down….we look at photographs of people we barely know…..and so it goes.

I am loving this new way of living. I hadn’t realised how much time I was wasting looking at social media. I have removed the Facebook and Instagram apps from my phone. ‘Why?’ My son asked me incredulously the other day ‘Because I wanted to’ I replied. ‘Fair enough’ he said.

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