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Is The Law of Attraction Real?

This, I get asked a lot. My answer is this: Whilst I often refer to this as the law of attraction and manifesting, I see it as something else. LOA is simply a label we put on whatever this crazy magic actually is. Why? We don’t fully understand it, but we can see that something is going on that does not meet with what we have been taught about reality. In fact, even physicists are speaking about multiple realities these days. It really isn’t such a woo-woo ideology.

Attraction – The word is used because many people believe that we are attracting good and bad things to us all of the time, depending on our own feelings. Yes, in a way, I believe this to be the case. The difference for me, I guess, is that I think it’s more of a creative thing. We feel something, a desire for it, a feeling of already having it for a moment. Hey presto, it shows up in our life as if by magic. Did we attract that particular thing, event or person into this reality? I think that as soon as we desired it, we made it possible, we created the reality where it exists. Then we felt it as if it were real, maybe just for a moment or two and perhaps we didn’t even realise that’s what we had done. Now it’s probable. We are firmly pointed in the direction. If we go about or business as usual, don’t obsess over it or over-think it, we are on that road.

A bridge of incidents will lead us to it. We may not even see it coming. This has been my experience with it. I call it ‘real life’ and live my life knowing it but not actively ‘trying’ for anything. I might desire something of course, but I do not try hard to move into the reality where it is, because I know from years of experience that I will remain here if I do that.

Isn’t The Law of Attraction Fake?

I’d ask you this: Have you ever thought about something, even if just for a moment, and then it appeared in your life? Haven’t you thought about a person only to receive a call or text from them a few moments later? What is that do you think? Coincidence? Wouldn’t that be stranger?

Have you ever noticed that when you really want something to happen and you ‘try’ really hard and feel stuck in a situation, that you remain stuck, to the point of frustration? Then you decide it’s never going to happen, you let go of the idea and then there it is? What is that if not something we don’t understand? Can you really give yourself a rational explanation that you are totally convinced of?

How to Manifest Without Resistance

This is the big question. If we have to want something, but not too much, how on earth is that not some dumb ass design made to drive us insane? I don’t know is the honest answer. I don’t understand this. I get it on some intuitive level and I have learnt to work with it to make huge changes in my life, but do I really get it? Nope!

You’ll hear a lot about resistance once you decide that there is something to this and you get lost down the rabbit hole that is ‘Manifesting books and videos‘ The fact that I write books and make videos is not lost on me in making this comment! I do know that research and a bit of trial and error is good, but too much will drive you crazy. It’s not about the reading and watching, it’s about the doing, the living in the moment and enjoying the ride.

Resistance is what you make it. There is too much made of it. That and limiting beliefs. If you have either you can’t change anything. Not true! I have a ton of limiting beliefs. On one hand, I know that I can move into any reality at the drop of a hat and on the other hand, my deep subconscious program says yeah but…

Most things are not resistance, they are just life’s fears and worries. As long as you don’t dwell in them and decide that they will hold you back, they won’t. Limiting beliefs are best left alone unless they really are causing you issues. Know that a particular limiting belief is there and work around it. Tweak your manifestation to accommodate it or get to it in bite sized bits. Go from A to E for example, with a plan to eventually get to Z. In the main, as long as you intellectually know that there are no limits with what you can achieve, the rest will follow.

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  1. I just love this. I am picturing my home finished. I am 75. I am picturing the money to do it. I am led to your site by a friend who introduced me to Neville. I will be reading your blog. Thank you.

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