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let go and surrender

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How to Surrender and Let Go

Allowing your Life to Change Instead of Trying to Force it to Change

It’s a strange one to get your head around isn’t it? Let go of the things that you want in order to get them? Sounds counter-intuitive. We’ve been taught that hard work pays off, so why on earth would we let those things that we want go?

Let’s talk about hard work for a moment. What do you really class as hard work? Is it the constant battle for more and more success, or is it the action you feel inspired to take in order to reach a particular goal? Strive is never a great feeling. When we are striving, we are generally struggling to make it to the top of a very steep hill. When we are taking action that feels right, whilst enjoying the ride, we are walking the path to eventual success. I’d go as far as to say, we are already a success because we are choosing to walk the path.

Letting Go of the Need to Control the Process of Manifestation

I am not saying that you should never take action. I am only saying that the action should be inspired, a nudge from your intuition. This comes when you make the decision that something bigger than us is at work here, and it’s its job to plot the route for us. Our job is simple, to follow its guidance and nothing more. It is not our job to work out the best way to get what we want.

Imagine that as soon as you set an intention for something to happen in your life, reality gets to work. It starts creating opportunities for you, maybe just one that opens everything up, or perhaps a string of events that lead to your desire. Now imagine you see that plan, and you scribble all over it. You disregard it in favour of something your human mind might come up with.

What It Means to Surrender

Surrendering is not giving up and walking away. It’s not a decision that you can’t do this after all. It’s a decision to get clear on what it is that you actually want and then it’s the intuitive knowing that your part of the process is done until you are prompted to take some action, or not. Or not? Let’s say that you want to see a certain person. You feel the relationship ended badly and the last thing you want to do is reach out to them. Well, you don’t have to! They will contact you at some point and all you had to do was desire it to happen. Let me reiterate: You must be clear about what you want and you must know that you are completely open to it. For example, if you want to hear from a specific person, but you can feel the resistance and feel there might be some negative consequence for you, then you are mixing energies. On one hand you want it, on the other you have resistance to it. Clear any resistance by feeling it and addressing it.

Once it feels clear, set your intention, or if it feels better, ask for it to come to you. You can clear these feelings by stating ‘I heal my resistance to hearing from *****’ or ‘I heal any lingering worry I have over *****’ Whatever it is, it can be dealt with. Don’t forget, your subconscious can be instructed anything at any time!

Practise Letting Go

Take a few minutes each day to surrender to something bigger. Whatever this is is working for you all of the time, even though sometimes it might feel that it’s working against you. When I say it’s working for you, I mean it’s working according to you and your feelings. If you keep feeling an undesirable outcome and then it happens, this is not the universe working against you. It is the universe giving you what you are feeling. It doesn’t know good from bad. It’s all just energy to it. Imagine what goes out comes back, regardless of the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ label you have assigned to it.

Letting Go Exercise

Take 4 deep breaths. Now sit back and count back from 20 – 1. Imagine giving your hopes and desires over to a greater power to deal with for you. Really feel it. Whenever I do this, I feel a short wave of relief wash over me. It’s fleeting but I can recall it if I want to.

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