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How to Shift Into Your Dream reality

Can we really shift between realities?

It’s a theory that I use to make manifesting and creating work for me. I am not simply basing this on wishful thinking that this is indeed the case. I feel it as if it real. We can shift into our dream reality. If you are a believer in the law of attraction then it’s really the only thing that makes sense. Well, for me it is.

If, as we have been told or experienced ourselves, we can have whatever we want, then how is that possible when it comes to competition? What if you want something and it’s the only one of it’s kind, but I want it too. We both desire it, feel it as if we already have it and neither of us dwells on the lack of it. Who wins? We both do. In my reality, I have it and you don’t, and in yours you have it and I don’t. So how are you in my reality? I am experiencing the version of you that lost out to me but you have chosen to experience a reality where you have won.

What if reality is spitting off all of the time, with every decision we make. If the physical reality is merely a construct of our minds and we are all simply conscious energy then this is wholly possible. Don’t just take my word for it though. There have been countless experiments on the subject of reality and observation. If you observe something, it behaves as you might subconsciously or consciously expect it to. However, you look away, it might behave is a completely different manner.

What is Reality? – Check out this Horizon documentary that covers the theory of alternative/multiple realities. It was a very relevant factor in me NOT feeling as if I was completely bonkers! If a physicist says it’s possible it’s gotta be right?

Two Personal Reality Shifting Examples

My husband Jeremy, is the most cynical and ‘this is black and this is white’ kind of guy. He knows that I have changed just about everything in my life over the last few years with this, but still he has this habit of rolling his eyes at me! It’s okay, I don’t care. That’s him and that’s cool with me.

So, a year or so ago we were watching Gangs of London. We were three episodes in when I looked over at him and he looked confused, startled even. ‘What the hell?’ he said. ‘That guy was not that guy last week’ Now it was my turn to be confused ‘Huh?’

‘That actor there, he wasn’t playing this part. It was someone else. Oh my God I am freakin’ out’ he exclaimed. I simply smiled. ‘You are experiencing another reality’ I said.

‘Nah…..but what other explanation is there?’

Each episode after that he would say this ‘Still can’t get my head around this.’

A few weeks after this, he asked me ‘Where the hell did that come from?’ There was a large plot of green-land with a house on it. It had always been there, it wasn’t a new build and I had passed it several times. He said that land was always bare. No building on it, just a plot of land.

For me, this happens often. I however, smile to myself. I used to think I was crazy but now I know I am not, which I have to say is quite a relief 🙂

Choose Your Reality

Decide what version of you you’d like to be. What would you like to experience? Can you feel that version of you inside? Now can you look away? Can you let life get on with it and allow yourself to experience that particular reality? It’s constant observation of the present that holds us in the same reality.

You don’t have to practise lucid dreaming or work hard at this. It’s a very natural thing. It’s the law of attraction with another label.

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