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How to Re-Train Your Subconscious

Re-Program Your Subconscious With Words to Manifest Faster

Until we understand how the subconscious actually works, we can’t fully understand how to control it in order to manifest our desires, or simply for a better life experience. Let’s get real here, we are in control, only it’s so much easier to program our own subconscious with the negative stuff, the undesirable.

Having control means that we don’t have to carry on living with same old sabotaging programs, but learning how to get control is the tricky part. In reality, it’s as simple as training our thoughts, so that the associated feelings are in line with what we do want, and how we want to see reality unfold for us.

There are lots of law of attraction books that go into great detail about the law of assumption, but often they don’t explain why it works. It works because your subconscious is like a little hard-drive running. Imagine you are the computer. You wouldn’t work without it would you? So, let’s say that we desire something. We know that we can manifest, we’ve seen lots of coaches online talking about it, and we’ve seen quite a bit of evidence of it in our own lives too. Where exactly does our subconscious come into it?

The Law of Assumption and the Subconscious

The law of assumption states that if we assume something to be true, then it will show up in our reality at some point in time. Wow, that sounds awesome doesn’t it? So all we have to do is assume something is already true then it will be! This is as simple as it sounds, but add into the equation your rational brain, and it becomes way more complicated than it should be.

We can do this two ways. I prefer the second option, but then I have been doing this for a good few years now.

A) You state what you want to be true. You state it over and over, day and night, whenever the fancy takes you. I say that, because it’s important not to work too hard at this. If it becomes a chore then it’s less likely to succeed as you’ll have the vibration of ‘hard work’ thrown into the mix, and what you want is the pure vibration of that thing being yours.

How long does this take to work? On average, the subconscious will start to ‘get it’ within 12 weeks, but this is in no way set in stone.

B) You get the feeling of having your desire. It’s yours right now, how does it feel to have it? You don’t have to actually believe that you have it, merely believe that it’s possible. It’s the feeling you are looking for. Simply see that feeling as a means to an end. Don’t see it as lying to yourself as this will hinder the process.

Locate Your Subconscious Beliefs

Re-program your subconscious to manifest Faster – You probably already know what they are on a certain subject. If you have been trying to manifest something for a very long time, then more of the same will not help. Be honest with yourself and bring up the deep-routed belief. See it for what it is, a lie. We create these programs from experiences. We have one unfortunate outcome and we decide (unconsciously) that’s what always happens. When you find it, tell yourself ‘Not true’ or ‘lie’ and get the feeling of that being the case as you say the words.

Stop Trying to Manifest

When we stop trying so hard, results show up faster. This is where I have come to learn that limiting beliefs don’t have much power. When I have completely let go of something and decided to leave it alone, that desire comes to me, regardless of my limiting belief. So a belief is limiting only when we are actively trying to manifest? Yes and no. For example, I have had lots of dental work done over the years. I have had a gum graft, front tooth removal, veneers, bridges, crowns, you name it I have had it. The first time I had some major work done and had to have a bridge and a crown, I was unhappy with the first set. So I declined them and they were adjusted.

Now, unbeknown to me, my subconscious started to set a program running. Over the coming months and year, I had lots more issues and more teeth made up. Each time, they were never right on the first occasion.

A few months ago I elected to have one veneer removed and set back slightly. As I was driving to get the permanent tooth cemented in, I realised that it wouldn’t be right, even though I had set an intention that it would be all good, I had left it too late to counter-act my subconscious belief. I suddenly noticed the program that I had set in motion ‘They are only right the second time’ and that’s exactly what happened.

So it’s noticing those beliefs and dealing with them that move us forward in life and allow us to see the reality that we want to experience, but a block is not necessarily real.

If you want to manifest contact from an ex for example, but you believe that they are stubborn and would never reach out first. You remind yourself of this regularly. Whilst you are reminding yourself, you are perpetuating the stand-off. When you let go to the point of looking away, in comes a text or a call. By not paying attention to the limiting belief you have changed the outcome. Noticing it is good because you tell yourself that it doesn’t matter (circumstances don’t matter) so your subconscious also takes this on-board.

Take Charge of Your Subconscious From This Moment!

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