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How to Permanently Change a Subconscious Belief

Deleting outdated programs from the subconscious mind

What is the subconscious? It’s the part of us that we can’t see on a scan. It’s one part of a system. There is the rational mind, the working, the thinking, the doing part, and then there is the part that takes instruction and runs with it. This is the subconscious part of the process.

You might think that instructions are ONLY given when we make the decision to change something, and that is perfectly reasonable. However, we are actually instructing our subconscious all of the time. Sometimes we are aware of it and sometimes not. Just because we aren’t doing it on purpose, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening! When I realised this, it changed my life. I began to understand just how certain things in my life had unfolded as they had and how things in that moment were showing up in my life in the way that they were.

Some subconscious beliefs are obvious and some not so much. For instance, if you were constantly looking for validation from a parent when you were a child, and you rarely got it, you might take that with you into adulthood. You may not but it is very likely that you would. You just wouldn’t know it. You’d find yourself looking for validation in all areas of your life and from all kinds of people, and you’d never get enough. Nothing would satisfy that need. Every small bit of validation would be like a sugar-rush. Great in the moment but leaving you craving more.

Examples of Common Subconscious Beliefs and Programmes and Their Effects

Not being good enough, being over-looked, always being second choice, never being able to sustain relationships, always choosing the wrong partners, feeling invisible, feeling insignificant…these are programmes that generally come from childhood. They aren’t necessarily caused by other’s behaviour or actions, They may have been implanted when you experienced something that made you feel this way in that moment. It is generally something that had a significant impact on you though.

Imagine the subconscious as a sponge, soaking up content that is dropped into it. It soaks up the feeling and and then re-runs it on a loop. Until it’s recognised, it will go on effecting your life in the same old way and you’ll think ‘It’s so strange how the same stuff keeps happening’ You’ll wonder why every relationship you get into ends with them becoming distant and losing interest, or you’ll always see a lack of commitment in relationships. Maybe people will randomly stop contact with you or you’ll always be fighting for communication with them. It will feel like there’s an imbalance and you’ll wonder why it’s always the same way, whatever you do. Even when you try to do things differently on the outside, nothing changes.

changing a subconscious belief

How Do I Start to Change a Negative Subconscious Programme?

Start by getting clarity on what it is. What are you experiencing over and over in your life where there is no obvious explanation on the outside?

Now try to find some words to describe it. If for example, people keep overlooking you, go back to your childhood. How was you relationship with your parents? How was your relationship with your friends, other family members, teachers…

Did you feel left out often? Were you overlooked a lot? Did you find it hard to sustain friendships?

Look for the point of origin.

When you find that. See it for what it is. See that you have simply brought it with you. You were unable to rationalise it when you were a child, so you saw it as real. Now you are an adult, you can be rational. You can tell yourself that it isn’t real. It is an old belief that doesn’t serve you.

Heal the Old Programme

Go back and see this you healing it for past you. ‘I heal the belief that I am always overlooked’ – If you don’t like the word ‘heal’ find one that works better for you.

Now heal it in this moment too.

You may only have to do this once to feel an inner shift or it may take a while longer. You may also want to back it up with some inner talk. I like to look at these things and simply state ‘Nonsense’ to myself.

The main thing is that you find these things and set an intention to stop them, delete them, heal them, erase them. Whatever works for you. They are no longer flying under the radar because you have recognised them. Some of their power will be lost in that moment.

Subliminal’s to Reprogram the Subconscious

A subliminal audio is a set of instructions or affirmations masked by other sounds and set at a lower level. The theory is that they bypass the middle-man which is the analytical mind. Typically subliminal’s start to take effect within 12 weeks. Personally, I feel they need to be introduced after an intention is set. Then they should be used as an aid to relaxation or for meditation purposes. This is how they work best. If you listen and constantly look for change, you will be observing the current state and thus, hold it there. If you use a subliminal without expectation they can work wonders 🙂

My Subliminal’s

subliminals for love

I am a law of attraction and self-concept coach as well as an author and content writer.

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