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get back with your ex

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How to Get Back With Your Ex

This has to be one of the most commonly searched phrases when it comes to the law of attraction, but also when it doesn’t. Sometimes there is that one person, the one that we can’t imagine living without. The one that got away years ago perhaps. Whether it’s a recent split or it happened years ago, there is no difference when it comes to manifesting a new relationship with your ex. Sound crazy?

How Can The Law of Attraction Work to Reunite You With Your Ex?

Imagine that everything is consciousness rather than what we see in the 3D. Everything in our lives is energy. A chair, a car, a house, a person…all energy.

Have you ever thought about calling your Mum only to have her call you a couple of minutes later when you have forgotten that initial thought? Have you ever thought about someone and then bumped into them a couple of days later or passed them in the car?

It happens all of the time, only we call it coincidence. Wouldn’t that be stranger than the fact that we have created it with our thought and momentum?

You can have a thought about your ex, you probably do, lots of them I expect. It might be a memory or a feeling of joy, hurt or resentment. Where ex’s are concerned, especially when the split is still raw, we have many emotions and responses to those emotions.

Intentionally Manifesting Your Ex back

So how do you manifest a person? Just as you manifest a new car or a new phone. Really? Yes it’s really that simple. What makes it tricky is us. Our rational mind that won’t allow us to believe that our circumstances don’t matter. But they don’t. Not to reality. It doesn’t see the past unless we place ‘now’ focus on it. If you can have some fun with this magic in a ‘See what happens’ sort of way, then all kinds of amazing things will start to happen.

The best way to test it is to have a go. Think about your ex. Bring them to mind and focus on something good about them. Now imagine them contacting you. Picture a text and tap into the feeling of it. How would it feel if you heard your phone ping? You look at the notifications and there it is, a text from them. Don’t limit yourself to a text though. Be open to whichever way this comes. Maybe imagine social media contact or a chance meeting.

Should You Get Back With Your Ex?

Caution: Make sure that you really want to be them again. Sometimes it’s an ego thing and we don’t stop to make sure that it’s really them that we want. It’s often that we want the feeling they gave us. The way someone makes us feel (when it’s good) is one thing. But a whole relationship is something different. What if you had that same feeling or even better from someone more suited to you in other ways too?

Don’t Look for The Result

It’s important to look away. I believe this is something to do with quantum physics and when you observe with QP, the result is as you might expect it to be and you and your rational brain will not expect this to work. Atoms behave differently when they are observed, so with this in mind, get in with life and don’t over-focus on this one thing.

I can’t stress it enough: Don’t get hung up on manifesting your ex back. They are just one person in a whole sea of people. When we place too much focus on just one person or one thing we build resistance and that appears as a block. Nothing happens. But if we can see this as a little bit of magic and do it with hope over forced expectation then it will show up in our reality. There is no accounting for time when it comes to creating with the law of attraction. When your ex comes back, when they reach out to you, you will be busy doing something else. You will not be waiting for it. You will be living your life!

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