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how to apply the law of attraction

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How to Apply the Law of Attraction

How to Consciously Create Using the Law of Attraction

Commonly referred to as LOA, this universal law is really all about creating rather than attracting. I get it, you attract things according to your feelings, but attraction is not a term that I work with after the initial book selling teasers. What if I can’t attract that thing or person into my life?

When we look at it as vibration (feeling) and nothing more, we can use that knowledge to change our 3D reality and so, start to experience another version of what we can see right now. Seem crazy? Well, yes, perhaps it does, but we aren’t meant to understand. Our human brains are not capable of knowing what is happening here, and perhaps we never should become completely aware.

How to Use Vibration to Make Things Happen or Change situations

Apply the law of attraction to your life:

We are vibrating at every moment. Our vibration goes with our overall mood. So, if we are happy and jolly, our vibration will be the same. If we are in a low mood, our vibration will be low. Attracting things or situations that are on the same frequency is how our day goes on. So, that’s where attraction comes into the mix I guess. To me however, we are experiencing the 3D as we feel, so creating it with our vibration.

We can purposely change our own vibration with a conscious effort. It may not sustain at first, but that’s where practise comes in.

The Bridge of Incidents

I woke up in a very good mood. I heard that an island off the UK (The Isle of Man) was back to normal. No lock-down, masks or other rules associated with Covid. So, I was encouraged. I thought to myself ‘Nothing can ruin this mood’ and then something did. Boo!!

It was something that I had been dwelling on for a few weeks. It came to a head. I’d had the feeling of something happening to resolve the situation. So I was super-pissed-off that it had gotten worse. In the moment, I spoke to someone about it and got my angst over it out there. Then the person I spoke to offered me a solution ๐Ÿ™‚ So what seemed like a knock-back was actually my creation coming into play. It’s not an immediate solution to the problem but it has started the process for change. What I am trying to say is this: We have no idea how our manifestation is going to come to us. It might be something seemingly negative that inspires us into action or it might be a simpler process. I wish I was able to control that but apart from making sure it happens for everyone’s good, I have been unable to control how it happens. That’s not that it can’t be done. The problem is, that when we try to get too specific, we can’t help but look for signs of it happening and thus, we hold it back.

It’s all About Vibration

Notice your vibration on a subject. Do it now. Bring something to mind. either something that you want to create or something that is happening in your life right now. Can you feel an under-lying vibration? You are looking for a feeling that comes up naturally. Does it feel good or neutral or does it feel negative? We don’t often check in our vibration. We let it be there to create. But we can flip it quite easily. Try finding the positive opposite as you read this. It won’t last, but with a little practise it will start to replace that negative vibration and you will begin to see positive changed associated with this new feeling ๐Ÿ™‚

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2 Responses

  1. Hello,
    While reading, and listening to others story it seems quite easy and believable and simple. But for me it’s not easy don’t understand where I am wrong. Normally I am a very positive and happy person. But since I started practicing LOA things are totally changed. I was more happy n financially free before, but now I am shocked I had lost everything, home, job. I am at the edge of losing everything in my life. Still I try to stay happy n positive. What to do? No body is there to guide me. I trust in universe n believe in myself. Still how can present reality be ignored. I want to come out of this mess… How can I ???

    1. It is simple on one hand, but on the other, our feelings are very complex and given that is those that manifest over our actual desire,it can become tiresome and exhausting. Yes, trusting in a higher power is the best way to work with this but also noticing our feeling state. Life can take on a gruelling feel when we ‘try’ to manifest things over living it as we did when we didn’t know we could make things happen. It’s a balance and finding that balance can be challenging for sure. Feel your desire, set your intention, be specific without getting into the details of how it might happen and then make the decision that your job is done. Over to whatever this is to handle the how’s and when’s. That really is the most that we need to do as far as I have experienced this. You don’t have to ignore present reality. Acceptance of that knowing that change is possible and then probable, is all that is necessary. We can’t really ignore the 3d. It’s in our face all of the time so we’d be super-human if we could pretend otherwise. Try to find that state of being before you had even heard of this. You were free because you didn’t try to control anything. Thanks for commenting ๐Ÿ™‚

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