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How I Manifested A Writing Career With The Law of Attraction

Wishful Thinking

I’d been thinking about writing a self-help style book for a while. I just couldn’t get up the enthusiasm for it. I was busy writing fiction at the time, and something factual seemed a little like hard work. Anyway, how was my book on ‘wishful thinking‘ going to be any different than anyone else’s take on the law of attraction?

That’s when I veered off course and started writing about it from Maddie’s point of view. As soon as I started writing, I knew it was the way to go. When I’d finished, not only did I have a comprehensive and instructive book on LOA and how it seems to work, but I also found myself with a fiction book for teens.

My Creation

It wasn’t until someone in the literary industry read it and said it was good enough to be published that I even considered it. It was at that precise moment that I smiled to myself in the realisation that I has created a situation for myself that had allowed me to publish a book that I could promote as YA fiction and as a book on the law of attraction.

Now I’m Writing LOA Self-Help Too

When I started out wanting to be an author, I had no inclination to write self-help. It didn’t even cross my mind. Now it seems selfish not to! After everything I’ve learned and all of the huge changes that have only been possible by mastering this thing, whatever it is, surely I have to share it?

Check out Finding Remarkable: My journey from sort of believing, hit and miss manifesting, through to complete faith that this is it and being able to finally manifest a writing career which at the moment means writing books, writing for other people which currently includes writing for two production companies. I am officially a writer. I can finally call myself one with confidence. I sell books yay!

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