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How I Got Back With My Ex Using A Law of Attraction Coach

A Coaching members success Story

Hi, My name is Lisa. I have been a convert to LOA for the last couple of years. I have read every law of attraction book out there, or at least that’s how it feels!

I found Evie by chance at the end of a long ‘trawling’ session on Youtube and found that I resonated with her more than I had done with any other LOA practitioner.

My Intention to Get Back With My Ex Boyfriend

I wanted to get back with my ex. We had split up for almost a year when I found Evie. I watched all of her videos more than once! I then bought her book get back with your ex and realised where I had been going wrong. I started to put her way of doing things and thinking into practise. I had some partial success. A few calls and a handful of texts, but every time he would disappear for no reason. I’d question everything I had said thinking that it must have been something I said that upset him.

This was when I started to become desperate and needed a bit more help. I joined the members coaching area and asked Evie for some custom help. She made me realise that I was getting what the universe thought I wanted. Because I hadn’t really fully understood how our deep feelings or beliefs are what actually manifest.

Manifesting Is All About You

I’ve heard this lots but it was only after chatting to Evie that I realised how feelings are everything. She advised me to bring up all of the hurt I felt over the end of the relationship. I had spent so much time pretending that I was fine and had let all that shit go that I was actually surprised and extremely emotional when I realised how angry I felt. Evie told me to deal with it. She got me to use an NLP technique which helped me so much. So much so that when I had used it over and over for a few weeks I knew that I wasn’t bothered by that hurt anymore. Not even a little bit. It also showed me that I was expecting him to disappear because I was trying too hard to be what he wanted and not being myself.

I Got My Ex Back

Two months later he contacted me out of the blue. He said he was sorry for breaking contact with me but he had felt unsure of his feelings. Yep, all coming from me! I had actually made him that way. What a revelation. I get this now.

I accepted his heart-felt apology because it wasn’t his fault. We started to see each other a couple of times a week at first. After the first few weeks I started to wobble but again Evie put me back on track. She reminded me that I am magic! I love it when she says that. I am magic!!!!

We have been together for almost four months. I am ready to leave the program and no offence Evie but I hope I won’t be speaking to you again! I said that I was happy to give my success story to give hope to others still trying to manifest a specific person.

My advice to you all is stop trying so hard and deal with your feelings even when they are not great. When I was pretending that I was okay I was only holding myself back.

Good luck to you all getting your ex back!

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5 Responses

  1. One of the biggest feelings I am struggling to let go of is the guilt and feeling I’ve let my so down, I’m using the affirmations that you gave me which are helping and I’ve taken your advice on the other bits and I’m using an anchor technique which helps me but how do I release those feelings?

    1. Ask yourself this ‘Do these feelings of guilt serve me?’ and of course your answer will be ‘No’ See how you feel when you say that. Guilt can’t be of any use to us. You don’t help anyone else by feeling guilty. Tell yourself that you have felt enough guilt now. See it as something that you had to go through but now you will let it go for your greater good and those around you. If you haven’t looked at it, check out the Sedona Method.

  2. what NLP technique was used? I realizing that I am feeling the same thing and I need to let it go but it is like it haunts me everyday no matter how much I try and talk myself out of it.

    1. Hi Joi, I believe this one was the feeling circle. So you step inside of the circle that is filled with the feeling that you desire to have and immerse yourself in it for a few minutes. 🙂

  3. hi im going threw a break up since thursday sept 30th. my bf broke up with me bc he was fed up of us fighting and wanted some time alone. we were together for 3 years and half, when he broke up he acted like i was nothing? i tried contacting him 3 days after our break up to get some news and he never wrote to me back. i really need help to apply the LOA since im depressed, stressed and tired help me!

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