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How Do Subliminal Affirmation Recordings Work?

Law of Attraction Manifestation Using Self-Hypnosis

A subliminal audio track generally contains the spoken word masked by music or other sounds or both. The audio is there but it is set at a lower volume so that it cannot be clearly picked up by your ears and thus, your rational brain does not have the chance to analyse those words. The subconscious picks up things that the conscious mind is not aware of. I know, it’s a mind bend right?

I have used subliminal’s for a long time. I love them and use them as a form of relaxation over trying to manifest something that I don’t currently have. That’s not to say that they can’t be used that way of course.

When subliminal’s are used in this way (the way that I use them) they are immediately more effective as there is zero resistance to contend with. I am never looking for a result. My affirmations are general and focused around my self-concept. I can honestly say that my concept went from slightly dodgy to wonderful in a matter of months. The person I was is so far removed from the one that I am now that it is almost like looking back at someone else. The essence of me remains the same but my core feeling state which includes the person I feel I am is now in line with the one I always wished to be, only I didn’t ever have any real clarity on what that was until I designed my subliminal.


Yes! That is really all they are. There is nothing woo-woo about them. It’s not witch-craft or magic, it’s pretty much a given that if you tell yourself something often enough, it becomes real to you. If you tell yourself every day that you are not pretty, not clever, not good enough, then inevitably that’s the way you will feel on a day to day basis. You can change that. Subliminal’s are great to kick-start this new way of talking to yourself as they don’t require any interaction with the rational mind. What it can’t hear, it can’t argue with 🙂

A lot of my self-talk these days is in my head but I am well practised and I no longer have to contend with any contrary thoughts. I fully believe that I am awesome! There was a time when even thinking that about myself would have made me cringe. I would have said it and then apologised to myself for having the nerve to do so and promptly reminded myself what I was really not all that awesome after-all.

Law of Attraction Meditation

It’s better to use a subliminal with meditation or relaxation in mind. You don’t put your headphones on and think ‘This is going to bring me that one thing I really want’ – Why? Because this immediately kicks in an element of resistance and that is what we want to get away from. A subliminal is a great solution to the nagging voice within. You sit back and let the sounds wash over you. You can even think about your shopping list if you like!

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