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How Can I Make the Law of Attraction Work Faster?

This is such a common question. Possibly the most asked question. How can I manifest faster? Generally when someone asks that question, they are coming from a place of lack. If we weren’t concerned about time, things would appear in our lives as if by magic! Time is the resistance most people feel. The very thing we are concerned about, is the reason we are stuck with no movement.

How Can You Relax About Time When Manifesting?

Firstly, try to stop thinking in terms of ‘manifesting’ something into your life. The very word can cause resistance. Alter your mind-set around what it actually is. Our feelings are being read by whatever this is and we are being delivered the reality that corresponds with those feelings. This is as uncomplicated as it really is.

When we feel ‘stuck’ we are emitting the frequency of stuck and so we are…..stuck! Noticing your feeling state is key to changing things. It’s easy to walk around with a particular feeling and not even notice it. Have a cup of tea and then go inward. What are you feeling? In general terms and regarding that thing or person that you want to manifest. See if you can label the feeling. This is a really great way to see why you are not seeing that reality right now.

Time should be taking out of the equation. Tell yourself that this will happen when the timing is perfect. The more you consider time, the more of it you will be given.

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Do I Need to be in Alignment With My Desire

Hmmm, I have always had a problem with that word. It’s one of the things that made me turn away from Abraham Hicks, that and the bloody Vortex! But, that said, it is a word that best describes the way that we bring things in and out of our lives. I am practising using it more!

What is alignment? It’s as simple as matching the energy of the thing that you want. Now, that seems really rather impossible right? For most it becomes a huge source of frustration. How can we feel that we have something we don’t have? This isn’t really the case. What you are looking for is the energetic version of that thing or person. So, the feeling you would have if it was here. Well, that’s the same thing surely? No, because you can do this without having to pretend you have it. You can tap into the feeling of it and know that it is not real right now and it will not hinder you.

Another Way to be in Alignment With Your Desire

Stop thinking about is so much. We are actually in alignment when we are getting on with the rest of life, and not constantly aware that this thing is not showing to us. If you go an hour completely distracted and unaware of this desire in that time-frame, you are aligned with it. There is nothing getting in the way. The white noise of resistance is gone. If has space to show itself in your reality.

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