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Okay, so I have had a few requests from readers to write a post of manifesting your specific person or your ex back into your life using the law of attraction.

I have written a book on the subject, so why don’t I talk about it all that much? Because I have learnt over time, that people get hooked on people. Often, not even knowing what was so great about them in the first place. They get hooked on the manifesting of them. If you were to read my book and follow it exactly as, with no negative expectation, all would be well and you would see them in your life quick smart.

What Holds Manifesting a Person Back?

Let’s bring this all back to simple. This is all about energy. Take a look at how you are feeling. Is it mostly don’t have, where is it?, the present moment sucks…? – Now think of how that would be if you could see it as energy. Would it be in line with what you want to experience? No, it would be in line with not experiencing. You are in effect, telling the universe NOT to bring this into your life because you are feeling the lack of it, so you will experience the lack of it.

Let’s look at manifesting an ex back. Why do you want them back? What is so great about them? What was great about you two together? Can you feel the potential of a new relationship with them? It’s a really good idea to work through these questions. You will know if you want them back in your life because you love their company and see a future with them or you want to see them come back to you for your ego’s sake. Either reason is fine, it’s just that uncovering your true intentions can often knock you out of the desire for them.

Letting Someone Go is a Win Win

There is nothing to be lost in letting a person go. It might seem scary and as if you are telling the universe that you no longer want them so it can scrub them off your list of wants, but it actually does the opposite. Again, remember that the universe is energetic. Whatever this magic is simply reads your signal. When we let something go, our signal is not of ‘I do not want’ but ‘I am free’ – I am free is a wonderful vibration and it’s the one that allows all things in. You might call it allowing or surrendering. The key to surrender is to do it because you want to feel free and not because you want to manifest. You cannot successfully let go if you are doing it to get something. The essence of letting go is a feeling of freedom and whilst you hold on to expectation, you will not feel free.

Clinging to the idea of being with someone will leave you in lack. When we feel the lack of something, we feel incomplete. We need to accept that we are complete as we are. That person is not going to complete us, simply enhance our life.

Do you really feel that your ex is going to enhance your life? Sure, we can look at the law of assumption and creating a new one to accommodate our desire for a different version of them. Some people find this easier than others. When we have a built-up experience of a person, it can be quite an ask to imagine them another way.

Manifesting a Specific Person is All About You

It’s never about them, always us. We experience people as we expect to experience them or based around how we feel about ourselves. Mostly it’s a combination of both. If for example, we feel less than, will be shown a reality that backs this up. If we feel that we are unlucky in love, we will be. if we constantly imagine our partner with someone else, they will end up being with someone else either short term or long term.

This is why it’s best to understand why you want that person in your life first and foremost. Be honest with yourself – Can you forgive, can you let past hurt go, can you see this time as a clean slate? If your answer to any of this is NO, I urge you to move on. Too much time can be spent ‘trying’ to change a person, to get them to conform, to micro-manage all aspects of a relationship. The law of attraction says you attract what you are. Whilst I do not love the word attract, in this instance, it does kind of say it as it is. You cannot attract one thing into your life while you are feeling another.

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