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Find the missing piece of the puzzle. What are you doing that you might need to change, what aren’t you doing? Do you need some help in your manifesting journey, or would you simply like some support from like minded people?

I am currently running a free option on my law of attraction members coaching area. This is a private members only area and consists of over 200 modules, both videos and written papers.

The cost of full premium membership is £10 per month but there is no obligation to upgrade. I understand that not everyone wants to commit to a monthly subscription.

What You Get if You Join as a Free Manifesting Member

  • Access to 75% of the modules
  • Access to the members hub

What You Get if You Upgrade or Join as a Premium Manifesting Member

  • Access to all modules
  • Access to the members hub
  • 1 subliminal or meditation per month
  • Access to ‘Ask Evie’ where you can ask me a direct question and receive a response within 2 days
  • Discount on Zoom and Email coaching as well as personalised subliminal’s

If you wan to sign up and have a look around, you can do so here 🙂

Sign me up to your FREE law of attraction course

My Law of Attraction Books

Get Back With Your Ex

Degrees of Attachment

Pimp Your Vibe

Wishful Thinking

It’s All About Me – Coming in June

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