everyone is you pushed out theory

Neville Goddard’s Everyone is You Pushed Out

What it means to me

So, Neville stated that everyone is you pushed out, meaning everyone we meet and have relationships with is merely a projection of how we see them. This is how I take it, and this is how I feel it. For example, if someone behaves in a way towards me that I find undesirable then they are behaving that way because deep down in my subconscious I believe them to be capable of behaving in such a way. Maybe they did something to upset me once and I formed a particular impression of them from that moment.

So, with this theory comes the chance to change the way that someone behaves towards you by changing the way that you feel about them. That of course, is easier said than done. Our subconscious has been programmed to believe one thing and now we want to re-program it with something else? On one hand it’s easy and on the other hand it’s the hardest thing in the world to do. But, I have found that it very much depends on your approach to the matter.

How to Alter Your Opinion of Someone According  to Everyone is You Pushed Out

So, in my experience, the best way to change the way that you think of a person, is first to accept them as they are right in this moment. You don’t imagine them saying things, script conversations or say affirmations. You can do all of that later. First, you say ‘I’m okay with how ****** is right now’

Sure, that seems counter-intuitive but it’s merely a way to release any negative feelings you may hold. Once you accept someone completely, you find that resentment and hurt dissolve away. Now you are starting from a new point in reality. You have let go of the burden of expectation. Whilst we are told that we ought to expect our desire when we study the law of attraction, I have found that most people are unable to do that. Yes, they know that if they do that whole-heartedly then what they want will come but knowing and doing are two very different things.

EIYPO – Get Your Ex back

Yes you absolutely can use everyone is you pushed out to get back with your ex. It works in every circumstance and all you have to do is detach from the person you had a relationship with (so the old version) and create the one that you want to experience in this reality. Sound too simple? We tend to make things complicated when it comes to an ex or a specific person that we would like to bring into our reality. But it’s only our rational mind at work. It believes that past circumstances are relevant and it goes on revising past events and things said until we get stuck in the ‘but they said this’ rut. It doesn’t matter what was said. The past is just a memory and has no power providing you don’t give it any. Try to have some fun with this and tell yourself what’s the harm in giving it a go?

I love Neville Goddard

I truly love everything about his teachings and his theory on imagination was key when it came to my very real understanding of this stuff. However, despite Neville’s statement that we are all god, he wasn’t THE GOD. Everything he believed was theory. We can never know what is actually going on here and perhaps what it is for you is different to what it is for me. When we try to get our heads around any theory that we aren’t feeling, we get frustrated.

They key to anything with manifestation is ‘not trying’ and most of us try way too hard. Have you ever noticed that when you have completely let go of a thing, it appears as if by magic? To me, this stuff is magic and with magic there is no obvious explanation so don’t look for one.

Accept that you can experience a whole other version of someone simply by intending how you would like to see them and then accepting the way that they are right now. Let it go and go on with your life. Acceptance has been key for me. I try to practise radical acceptance in all areas of my life. Sometimes this is tricky as you can imagine, but it is the most rewarding practise. So don’t look at changing a person, look at allowing them to be in order for them to change without any input from you.

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