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The problem with knowing about the law of attraction and the fact that we can actually create our own future through directed focus, is that we get too hung up on the methods. A manifestation method is simply a way to help focus your mind and evoke the energy that you need in order to see those things that you want in your reality.

Methods are not important. There is not one method that is any better than another. It’s not in what you do, it’s in how you feel.

Why Hasn’t My Manifestation Come Yet?

This is probably the question I am asked more than any other. ‘I am not attached, I am not angry, upset, frustrated, but still it isn’t here. Why?’

The simple reason is your deeper feelings on the subject. Your inner contradiction if you like. You want something but inner you is pulling from previous experience and behaviours and is niggling you. ‘Not right for you at this time, not good enough for you, should want better, you aren’t good enough…’ basically anything that isn’t in line with your desired manifestation that comes from that deeper level of ‘us’ is going to show over the desire you are trying to manifest with your mind.

How Can I Change My Subconscious Programming to Manifest?

First of all, become Inner You – How do you really feel. How does inner you explain those feelings? What does inner you think about what it is that you want? Get it all down on paper. Now you know why you aren’t seeing that manifestation. You can now begin to deal with those contradictions.

Have a look at them one-by-one and see how you can throw another perspective on them. There is always another way to look at something. This is really all it takes to change those previously unchecked programs. You don’t have to affirm over and over for weeks on end. One simple instruction to inner you is all it takes. Changing a perspective is one of the most powerful spells at your disposal. I am calling it a spell as it is instant. You are breaking the current spell and casting another in its place.

What Happens Now?

Now you leave it alone and let the magic happen. Don’t bring your mind into it. The quickest way to stuff things up is to use your rational mind to ‘hurry things up’ – They cannot be hurried by the mind as this is not its part to play. The mind works well to get clarity on what it is that you really want but other than that, when it comes to manifesting, all is can be is a hinderance. Trust the process of life. You don’t have to understand it or even really believe that what you want will show up, but you DO have to leave it alone. It cannot be delivered to you if you constantly poke at it. No-one likes to be poked or prodded to do something. Reality is no different!

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