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Can You Really Change Your Appearance Using The Law of Attraction?

How to Alter Your Thoughts to Change the Way You Look

Yes I know, it seems crazy to think that you might be able to change your appearance simply by utilising the power of your own mind. But I have come to realise that reality is bonkers. I’m okay with that because it’s unpredictable. Predictably we grow older, we gain lines and winkles, our lips lose volume, our skin isn’t as tight as it once was. Why? Because that’s what we believe is inevitable. Because with age comes deterioration doesn’t it? Using the law of attraction to change your appearance is fun!

What If We Could Believe That Nothing is Inevitable?

If we could reverse our belief that some things are just impossible to change, then we’d be onto a winner wouldn’t we? What if we just opened up to the idea that we can change or create absolutely anything in our lives, including the way we look?

It’s a proven fact that subliminal recordings can change eye colour, lip shape, height, hair colour…..yes really it is!

How on Earth Can a Subliminal Change Your Appearance?

A subliminal recording consists of phrases that sink deep into your subconscious. For instance: ‘I have beautiful green eyes’ when you have brown eyes or blue eyes. Your ears don’t hear the words. They are worked into the recording which might be musical, binaural or nature sounds. The subconscious however, does hear them. In effect, you are being hypnotised. At some point your subconscious is going to believe that you have green eyes. How impossible it might be when we talk about it in conjunction with normal, rational reality. It is not so crazy in the quantum world.

How You Can Use The Law of Attraction Without a Subliminal to Change Your Appearance

It’s all in the feeling. You don’t even have to one hundred percent believe in it to make it work for you. There is a common misconception in regards to this stuff. You simply HAVE to believe, have unwavering faith in the unseen and all that. NO you do not. It’s been my experience that all you have to do is believe in the possibility.

Imagine how you would feel if you had fuller lips or were an inch taller. Get the feeling of that. Feel good about it and continue to find that feeling within you as often as you feel the urge. Be light-hearted about it and accept what you have right now.

You Can’t Do This Coming From a Place of Lack

The only way this stuff works is when it’s used with gratitude for what you already have. I find it’s best to start by trying to manifest a change with something you really aren’t all that bothered about.

For a bit of fun I decided to try to make the little patch of skin on my right cheekbone just beneath my eye smooth. There were two little lines there that really did not bother me at all but I decided to get rid of them.

I simply intended that patch of skin to be smooth. I thought the words, I got the feeling and I forgot all about it. A few days later, no lines! I wasn’t even checking. I’d almost forgotten about my little experiment. I was wiping some eyeshadow drop away when I spotted they were gone. I didn’t get excited I just just accepted the magic and smiled.

I tell myself I’m still in my thirties even tough I’m 47. I look in the mirror and tell myself that I look young. I love skin-care and I look after myself because I like doing that, but I also affirm to myself that I am youthful and my skin reflects that back to me.

Get Rid of Moles, Marks, Scars and Blemishes

I had a colourless raised bump inside and showing just above my eyebrow. I’d had it for years, as many as I could remember. It hardly showed and it was just one of those little imperfections we all have that only we notice. One day I decided it was going to disappear. Again, I can’t remember when I realised it had gone. I just noticed that it wasn’t there one day whilst applying my makeup. I’ve done this with a couple of other similar markings. I am not hung up. I don’t care if they don’t vanish.

Everything about manifestation is in the letting go. Constant checking and thinking that you must be a little bit mental for even thinking you have that sort of power will only cause resistance and stop anything magical from happening.

Changing My Appearance – Moving a Tooth With the Law of Attraction

changing your appearance with law of attraction
change your appearance with the law of attraction

Yes really! That tooth you see on the left (next to my front tooth) had a gap running between it and my big tooth. I have messed around with that particular tooth a lot. I have a bridge, 2 crowns and a veneer as I have had dental issues! The left is a veneer and I’ve never liked the position of it. Either I felt it was set too far back or too far forward. I had decided to have it re-done and was chatting to my dentist about it. ‘I want the gap closed. It’s too far forward’ I left it that I would think about it and I am not even joking, the next day the line was gone.

I wasn’t even trying to manifest it. I don’t usually try to manifest anything different when I notice it every day. When you fully believe that this is how things work, they just happen without any effort. I used to easily be able to floss between these two teeth with a thicker abrasive tape but now I can barely get in to the mid way point.

Changing My Height With LOA

A little more radical for sure. I’m 5ft3″ and I intent to be 5ft4″. Just for fun. I feel it already. When I think of my height I tell myself that I am 5ft4″ and I feel it, then I let it go. I’m perfectly happy being shorter.

Try to change something small. Something that you aren’t all that bothered about before you move onto the thing you’d really like to change. Everything is energy. The sofa beneath me right now as I write, my car, my cat, the TV, the internet, my son, his girlfriend…..and ME. Energy can be manipulated. We can create the energy we desire with a feeling and some emotion. Wow, how cool is that?

You Are Perfect Just The Way You Are

Just remember that you are amazing as you are right now. Be thankful for what you are and only attempt to make changes when you are in a good place and already feeling good about yourself. Don’t strive for perfection. It’s boring in any case. A quirk or two is what makes you unique.

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