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A Beginners Guide to The Law of Attraction

Where do you start when it comes to manifesting?

The Theory that we attract/create our own lives

I have to say theory. We don’t know for an absolute fact. It hasn’t been proven, but we can pretty much say with our own certainty that we are creating our own future with the power of our beliefs and feeling. Spontaneous feelings, persistent feelings and deep-routed beliefs.

So, with this in mind: You want something, you really, really want it. Can you have it? The short answer is yes, of course you can. The longer answer is, sure, you can have it…if you can feel it.

If you want something but you have a subconscious belief contrary to having it, then you will most probably NOT get it. Like I said, you get what you feel and assume. You do not get what you want. You get what you want by training yourself to either drop those old programs or by re-programming your subconscious. Not as complicated as it sounds, honest!

All that aside. Here are the three things that make up manifestation.




I’d say that the most important one out of the three is allowing. Why? Because if we can’t do that then the first two become redundant.

The First Step to Manifesting Something

Get clear in your mind. What do you want? Bring that thing to mind and really consider how it will enhance your life. As you imagine, feel the desire rising inside of you. Try to be as specific as you can. By this, I mean, do you want a new job offer or do you want a high salary job that you love, with amazing work colleagues and great benefits? If you just put out the desire for a new job, you might be offered something that you aren’t really sure about or something that pays less than you earn right now. You weren’t specific. New Job or amazing new job? You see…

Step Two

Imagine being offered that new job today. (Insert your own desire, this is merely an example) How would it feel? You have it, you have the offer, it’s yours. Can you find the feeling inside? Don’t worry of you can’t. Go back and try again later. When you have it, see how long you can make it last. Do this now and again until you get really good at it. The trick is not to start obsessing and looking for your manifestation. You have now created it.

Step Three

It is done. Leave it alone. Don’t over-work this. If you feel the urge to visualise then go with it. If something feels good and you don’t have a knotted feeling or an over-riding feeling of lack as you do it, then cool, do it some more! In actual fact, you have already done enough. Your job was done at step two. This is now the job of the universe. I like to think of it as reality. I have created the one that I want, and now I have to leave it to reality to move for me, or for me to shift into the one that I have created.


There are sooooo many techniques out there. The thing is, that a technique is merely a way to provoke the ‘feeling state’ It really doesn’t matter what you do. You could make up a technique of your own and providing you can find the feeling, it is as good as any other technique.

Choose Your Tool Set According to Your Personality

If you love to write, maybe you keep a diary or you just love scribbling notes, then scripting and written affirmations will probably suit you. If like me, you don’t like writing with a pen because it feels like a chore, then your way may be more visual. You might make a vision board and hang it up somewhere in the house. Somewhere that you walk past each day. Your vision board then becomes a little like a subliminal message, working to change reality for you without you having to stand there looking at it for hours on end, wondering where that new car is.


Attachment to the outcome is the biggest block when it comes to manifesting with the law of attraction. You can either be attached to the actual thing, or attached to manifesting it.

Let’s not get too hung up on the word attachment. It’s just a word after-all. Why not see it as a positive rather than a negative. It’s part of this whole thing. Of course, there will be some attachment. You really, really want this. If there was zero attachment then would you even be that bothered about it? Probably not. So, shift your perspective on attachment. It’s a good thing. It shows that you have the desire, so you gotta get it right? Feel that stuck feeling and change it to one of excitement. Awesome, I’m attached! It really does change your overall feeling about that thing. I did this a couple of weeks ago with something that I am wanting to show up in my life and immediately my attached feeling went. I mean immediately! It hasn’t come back and yesterday I noticed that I had barely thought about it. As you may know. I do not try to manifest anything these days, but that doesn’t stop me thinking about it and desiring it 

If you follow desire, feel, allow then you can’t go wrong. The way that you do this is entirely up to you. This is your game, you play it your way.

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