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affirmations for love

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Affirmations for love

We have become so accustomed to negative self-talk. We do it all day long only we never actually stop to notice. I’m not saying that you have to monitor every thought that pops into your head, but being more aware of your ongoing thought patterns will help you to cut out a lot of that destructive chatter and replace it with the more constructive kind. A great way to start is with an affirmation.

What is an Affirmation?

An affirmation is a simple statement. It should reflect how you’d like to feel. Don’t worry, you don’t have to convince yourself that it is true. You are not lying to yourself or deluding yourself by uttering something that is in contradiction to the way that you feel naturally. All that you are seeking to achieve is a change in feeling state.

Imagine each statement with its own unique vibration. Words contain the power to release miracles. It’s not the spoken word itself, more the feeling it creates, also referred to as a vibration.

So all that you need do, is think of these statements as little spells. A bit of magic contained in a few words that takes you seconds to speak or say in your head. Cool eh? When we affirm the negative to ourselves over and over, we are in fact creating more of that with the vibration those words create.

Repetition – Is it necessary?

A little for sure, but you certainly do not need to repeat them over and over parrot fashion. In actual fact, this is counter-productive after a while as you start doing it with no attention to the word. It’s then much like a daydream v’s a feeling visualisation. It doesn’t have the same power.

I use affirmations but I might repeat a statement five or six times during one day. After a week or so I will take note of my feelings on the subject. I generally feel lighter and a couple of weeks later I have stopped using the affirmations naturally as I have achieved the feeling state that I was looking for.

What is the harm in giving it a go?

Self-Love Affirmations

am respecting myself more and more each day

Love starts with me

I appreciate myself

I put myself first

I accept that I can’t be perfect all of the time

I don’t feel the need to be perfect

I am happy being me

I appreciate my body I am all that I need to be right now

Affirmations for Love

People are drawn to be

My desire is drawn to me

I attract people as easily as I attract anything else

I love and respect myself and so others do the same

My desire is waiting for me

I am worthy of love

The love I seek is seeking me

Attracting love is easy

I attract loving people into my life

I am drawing the perfect person closer

The perfect person is close

I only attract healthy relationships

I am creating a real connection

I find it easy to sustain relationships just being myself

I am open to love

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2 Responses

  1. I’m still hanging on this “circumstances don’t matter” concept. The difficulty to attract my SP is specifically about the “circumstance”. He is not in the same country with me, so it’s just not realistic for us to see each other in person, and now he is ghosting me but I still really want to hear back from him. So how would you interpret that “circumstances don’t matter” if you were in my shoes?

    1. Realistic doesn’t come into it for me. If I think of something as not being realistic then I give the current situation power to control my reality. Circumstances are only as issue to us. The universe doesn’t deal in facts, it deals in feelings. 🙂

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