Law of Attraction Coach & Author

Manifesting and Mindset Coaching

1-2-1 Coaching With Evie

I am a manifesting coach and mind-set coach, as well as being an author, content writer and digital marketing exec.

Whether you refer to the magic of life as the Law of Attraction or The Law of Assumption, I will find a way to guide you to a brighter, more fulfilled future.

  • Zoom Sessions and Packages

My single Zoom coaching sessions and email programs are completely bespoke to every client. There are also specific packages, tailored to move you into a new mind-set and propel you forward towards your dreams.

Everyone is different. No one person is the same as the next, and I like my coaching to reflect this. What is the right advice for one person, may not be for someone else.

Feeling good about ourselves is the key to success in all areas of life. It’s not true that you need a great self concept in order to manifest, but you’ll find that life becomes a little bit easier when you no longer need external validation.

  • The Law of Attraction

You may have been reading a lot about the law of attraction or watching lots of video’s, but feel stuck in your own life. What isn’t spoken about so much, is the ‘state’ that we inhabit on a daily basis. Manifesting, rather than being something we ‘try’ to implement when we want something, should be a way of life, a new way of living that doesn’t require any calculated effort on our part. This is at the core of my teaching.